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dressing the babe / playsuits…

Mama and Babe Style

Mama and Babe Style

Mama and Babe Style

Ah, playsuits…they are this odd mix of super comfy and fun to wear but also sometimes tough to wear. In today's Dressing the Babe, I'm sharing a couple of my favorites and why they are just so good. And, let's be real, playsuits be a total pain in the butt to have to take off to go to the bathroom. So when I contemplate getting a one-piece of any sort (whether for me or for my kids), it needs to be versatile in a print or color that feels timeless and that can be worn and layered with lots of different things. 

Oh Joy Style

My newest obsession is this Jolie Coquette playsuit which is super flattering on because it defines the waist and lengthens the legs. I've worn shirt, jackets, and other layers over it and paired it with flats, sandals, and booties. It's easy to wear, comfortable, and has snaps in the crotch (yes!) which means it makes grown-up bathroom visits a breeze. We first came across them on Kickstarter and happy to see they have a full line now in a bunch of colors.

Mama outfit / 1. Jolie Coquette playsuit, 2. Babe necklace, 3. heart sunglasses, 4. Jeffrey Campbell booties.

Oh Joy / Mini Style

For a kid, if you're gonna get a romper in a nicer material, I like ones where the cut of it grows with your babe. This one can be worn loose or more fitted so as your little one grows and lengthens, it can still fit them for a year or more.

Babe outfit / 5. Crew & Lu playsuit, 6. heart sunglasses, 7. Hadley Girl hair clip, 8. Yume necklace, 9. Pons Avarca sandals.

Oh Joy / Rainbow stairs

Mama and Babe Style

And can we talk about these stairs for a minute?!? These dreamy stairs are in the new location of the Otherwild store here in Los Angeles, and they are AMAZING. Kind of trippy and a millions kinds of awesome, Ruby was loving them as every 4 year old (and every non 4 year old) should.

{Stairway painted by Edie Fake at OtherwildPhotos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Julia Wester. Ruby is 4.5 years old and says she wants to have a design company called "Oh Ruby" when she grows up.}


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Love it love it. These are by far my favorite favorite posts ! Keep it coming joy and thank you ! ???

  2. Hey Kristen,
    Its definitely short but doesnt feel too short for me cause the way the skirt part comes out and isnt too tight. I have also seen people wear colored or dark tight underneath if you dont want to show as much bare leg 😉

  3. May I ask what size you bought? I normally wear a 6 in most everything but my measurements are on the upper end for the Small – worried it will be too tiny. Thanks!

  4. Hey Jenn!
    I can fit into the S and the M. But I am wearing a M here cause I wanted it to be a tad looser. Id do a M for you.

  5. Children goals. Ultimate children goals. I had written the comment earlier in the week how I love the style you adhere to when it comes to home decor. Thank you for replying back, it really meant the world! You truly are an inspiration for aspiring bloggers, home decorators, and future mamas (a.k.a me!)
    Have a fantastic weekend!


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