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10 mother’s day gifts…



With Mother's Day coming up, here are a handful of my favorite things to give your mom/spouse/sister/friend for the occasion in a range of price points…

1. Duzen backpack so she can be chic, yet hands-free for keeping her babes in check, 2. custom rings by Thea or 3. Maya Brenner initial earrings so she can show-off her nearest and dearest, 4. A Mother is a Story by Samantha Hahn for reminding her how amazing she really is,  5. Ariel Gordon custom studs make a statement, 6. Super Mom bouquet by Pro Flowers because every lady loves flowers, 7. Hatch Collection pajamas for a comfy, yet feminine, set she can really relax in, 8. a small wallet from Leif to easily take her bare necessities from diaper bag to regular bag, 9. Give her something meditative to do in her downtime with this "Flowers" coloring book by Brittany Jepsen, and 10. Klippan blanket for cozying up on the couch to watch her favorite reality TV shows.


  1. Joy, there are great suggestions. Love the blanket and pajama set. Would you also in the future make some suggestions which include something more suitable for Asian moms. Mine is Indian and I’d love some ideas other than flowers suitable for her. What are you planning to give your mom? Mind sharing!! Thanks Joy!

  2. Joy, the new bandaids are not available on target’s website yet. I bought some yesterday but looks like i got the old versions. Do you know when it will be available?


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