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happy friday + pattern play…

Oh Joy Pattern Play

Oh Joy Pattern Play

Oh Joy Pattern Play

Oh Joy Pattern Play

Happy Friday! If you follow Oh Joy on Instagram, you may have seen the #OhJoyPatternPlay posts I love to share over there. Here's a recent one I loved so much that I wanted to share a couple of the outtakes with you as well.

I bought this vintage floral blouse a few years ago and have had a hard time wearing it because it's a little big on me and has a cut that doesn't totally work for my body type. So had it in the studio ready to sell at our next yard sale. Julia found it and painted the pattern by hand on a large backdrop (doesn't it look like the coolest wallpaper?!). It looked so good that we tried a bunch of different versions for the pattern play shot and played up the florals on floral on florals! I love how ideas can be triggered by the simplest thing…

Have a great weekend all!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, production and styling by Julia Wester.}


  1. Wow Julia did a fantastic job at paining that backdrop. Looks super cool. Are you still planning to keep that blouse? Looking forward to the periscope session today!


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