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palm frond wall hanging…

palm frond wall hanging

palm frond wall hanging

Because plants make every room look better, we wanted to create a wall hanging that makes it easy to add a little greenery to any space! If you live in a warm area where they happen to fall from the trees, you can use real ones. Or you can scoop up some faux ones (and faux ones these days look pretty legit!). We made this palm frond wall hanging that looks sort of like a mobile and beaded curtain had a baby. Here's how…

palm frond wall hanging

You'll need:

Copper piping (we used 24" length)

Parachute cord (neon pink)


Acrylic paint and paintbrush


Hot glue gun

Faux palm stems (in large and small)

palm frond wall hanging

Here's how:

1. Start by painting beads in a pattern. We stuck with a simple polka dot and kept them neutral so the color of the cord would pop.

2. Start by making the frame by feeding the parachute cord through the copper piping, leaving the cord as long as you'd like it to hang. Then tie the two ends together to make a triangle when hung. Tie a double knot and feed the knot back into the copper piping so that it's hidden.

3. Next add the hanging pieces by cutting various lengths of parachute cord and tie in a knot at the top to secure around the length of the copper piping. Add a dab of hot glue to reinforce the knot around the pipe and keep it in place. Trim away any excess cord.

4. Go through each strand to add beads by tying a knot in the cord where you would like to place a bead. String on the bead and secure at the bottom with another knot so the bead sits between two knots.

5. To attach the palm frond, lay the stem parallel and on top of the cord. With one hand holding the palm frond in place, begin to wrap the cord around the stem. To make it extra secure, it's helpful to wrap one loop under and then one loop over your original loop. When you look at the back, you should have made an "X" with the cord.

6. Continue to wrap the cord all the way to the end of the stem and secure with a knot.

7. Add as many palm fronds and beads to each hanging string as you'd like and keep adding until you're done!

palm frond wall hanging

P.S. Some more dotty leaf decor

{Photos by Casey Brodley, production by Jessica Hongand styling by Julia Wester.


  1. This gives hope for northeast dwellers like me to be able to enjoy more palm fronds in our decor! The design is airy, with a classy glint of copper. I’m thinking of a mini version for a newly redone bathroom…

  2. I really do love all of the art that you and the team make around palms. They are always my favorite and they make me want to turn my home into an island oasis. I also love how the green of the palms pairs with the hot pink rope. Really cute!


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