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that time we went to the white house…

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

Last month, we were invited to go to The White House (ahhhh!) for the annual Easter Egg Roll. After being asked by the First Lady's office to design the logo for this year's roll (and saying "umm, yesss!"), we took a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the event and to meet the President and First Lady in person. Here are a few photos from the day…

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll


While waiting to meet the President and First lady, we hung out inside the White House and got to meet some amazing athletes and artists who were there as well like Silento, Dominique Dawes, and Echosmith. Bob wanted to take a photo with Shaq so bad, but we weren't allowed to have our phones with us as we got closer to meeting the President so we missed the chance! 

The President and First Lady were SO kind and youthful and tall! When the First Lady told me how much she loved my work, I just about passed out…

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

After listening to Idina Menzel sing the National Anthem, we spent the rest of the day outside on The White House lawn doing a TON of activities and dancing to the live music. The kids were in heaven. What started as a cold and rainy day turned into the most beautiful, spring day to spend with my family.

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

It had been a while since I did branding work so it was such a joy to see the logo I had designed all over the event!

Oh Joy at White House Easter Egg Roll

We had an amazing and unforgettable day. If any of you ever have the chance to go to this event (it's open by lottery to local residents), you should try and go!

{Photos by Bob Cho. My dress from Anthropologie, the girls' dresses from Pausch}


  1. So awesome Joy and well deserved!! I often tell my husband that the pinnacle of “success” for me would be to design the napkins for a state dinner at The White House. Said in jest of course but you make me think anything is possible! Congrats!

  2. Maybe it’s ridiculous, but I feel very proud of you. You’re like MY blogger and now you do branding for the White House !! I mean just wow!! Congratulations !

  3. Such a fabulous experience for you and your family, and congratulations! (Obviously this is a very cool and on trend White House!!) And your photos are so great but I absolutely love…LOVE…the photo of your daughters in front of George Washington’s portrait. It’s perfect and will be such a powerful memory for them. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. I think this is the coolest event and I love that they even have commemorative eggs. I’ll totally have to enter the lottery:) Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  5. Amazing! Congratulations to all of your success! I’ve been following your blog since the early days. It’s so inspiring to watch how you grow your business (and family 🙂

  6. Wow, that is so cool. I really like the family portrait in the room with the mural and the yellow chairs (what room is that? I’m curious and assume all the rooms have names, ha).

  7. Congrats!!! What an awesome experience!!! Back in 1994 when I was 3 years old, I was invited to the Official Easter Egg Hunt (I lived in D.C. and my friend’s parent worked in the White House). I still have my eggs after all these years…what great memories for the girls! 🙂

  8. your parents and family must be so proud…only in america! can you imagine your grandchildren looking at the photos one day in the far far future?

  9. Seriously, how amazing to have designed and branded the event. What a honor and joy to see!! Love all the pictures from the event.
    The ergobaby carrier is so cute. I don’t see it on their website. Was it specially designed for you?

  10. Congrats Joy! So….I totally have to ask – did you get to take a photo with the president and First Lady?!

  11. Hi Sara!
    Yes, we did get to take a photo with them! They were amazing! The photo is for personal use and not allowed to be shared on social media 😉

  12. congratulations! that is honestly so cool and the fact that the first lady complimented you on your work is amazing. very well deserved, joy!


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