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snack toppers!

Delicious Snack Toppers

Delicious Snack Toppers

I'm one of those people who prefers to have lots of smaller meals throughout the day, rather than three big meals. In efforts to keep my snacking on the healthier side, we started making "snack confetti" that can be made and kept on hand to top anything (from sorbet to yogurt to toasts) to add a little extra flavor, texture, crunch! In partnership with Curate Snack bars, we made mixes inspired by the brilliant combinations of unexpected ingredients in the bars.

Delicious Snack Toppers

Delicious Snack Toppers

Since it's easier to make a batch of toppings at one time and store them for later, color-coded jars make for a fun way to store them! Here's a super simple how to…

Delicious Snack Toppers

To make them, you'll need: 


-acrylic paint 

-paint brush

acrylic paint sealant

contact paper


Here's how:

1. Cut out a circle stencil using contact paper (we did it freehand but you can use any circular object as a guide or cut out any shape you want). 

2. Place the sticker shape in the middle of one side of the jar and paint over the entire jar (you may need 2 coats to full coat it).

3. Let dry overnight

4. Once dry, carefully peel off the contact paper circle exposing the shaped window.

5. Spray sealant over painted area on jar.

Delicious Snack Toppers

Then fill your jars with the toppings you want to keep on hand—fruity, crunchy, sweet or savory. Inspired by the flavors of Curate Snack bars, we made these toppings:

1. Harmonious Blend - dried apricot, sunflowers seeds, freeze dried mango, and natural yellow sprinkles

2. Irresistible Dark Chocolate - freeze dried strawberries, white chocolate chips, pistachios, natural red and pink sprinkles

3. Salted Decadence - chocolate chips, granola, almonds, toffee bites

4. Sweet and Tart - almonds, freeze dried berries, coconut flakes, and chocolate chips 

Delicious Snack Toppers

Which combination sounds like it would be your favorite? I'm partial to anything with chocolate in it!

*This post is in partnership with Curate. All words are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, production by Jessica Hongand styling by Julia Wester.


  1. I love how you painted the jars to color code the different flavors. The ice cream cone looks totally elevated with what’s sprinkled on it. Lovely!


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