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dressing the team / a pleated skirt…



I've been getting requests for more fashion posts here on Oh Joy! While I love fashion, I wanted to offer it in a way that would be interesting for those who like my taste in clothing but may not be the same size as me. It can be hard to know if a piece of that someone else wears will work on you if you're a totally different body type! So, we came up with this new series that I hope you'll love called…Dressing the Team. I will choose one item of clothing that I think complements a variety of people, and we'll share the results. All of the girls in the Oh Joy office will wear the same piece, and I'll show you how we styled each outfit differently on varying body types. And if you guys like it, we'll keep doing more! Are you ready for our first one?


I love high-waisted skirts. After two kids, my mid-section is on the fluffier side (which I am totally okay with btw), so high-waisted skirts are almost a daily wardrobe staple for me now. The reason they are so flattering is because of their ability to highlight the smallest part of anyone's waist. Two of the girls on the team had babies within the last 9 months, so it's also great for when you're also working on losing your baby weight because you can wear them higher or lower as your body changes (I even wore them a ton while pregnant). For our first post, I chose this pleated midi skirt from ASOS because it's a length that works on so many heights and the flowy pleats makes it romantic yet totally fun for every day. It's under $50 and comes in a bunch of colors (I loved this shade of green!)

Oh Joy / Dressing the Team

Angie, our graphic designer, loves wearing tennis shoes. I love how she styled this look with silver tennies and her signature black & white stripes. She is 5'4" and between a size 6-8 (She had her 2nd baby 6 months ago and has a goal of a size 4 after losing baby weight). Her tee is from Target (similar), shoes from H&M, and necklace by One We Made Earlier.

Oh Joy / Dressing the Team

Jess, our crafting assistant, is the young one of the group. I love the idea of showing a little bit of midriff (à la Taylor Swift). It's a great look for Jess that's fun and youthful and hints at a 1950's beach babe vibe. Jess is 4'11" and a size 0. Her chambray top is from Forever 21, wedges from Marshalls, and wearing a vintage scarf in her hair.

Oh Joy / Dressing the Team

Julia, our Creative Producer and Stylist, loves rocking a great hat. She combined a fun peachy tee with the green skirt for very summery color combo. Julia is 5'2" and prior to having her first baby 9 months ago, she was a 4 and currently a size 6. Julia is wearing a Target tee, BC Footwear heels (past season), Stella and Dot necklace (past season), and an Old Navy hat.

Oh Joy / Dressing the Team

Courtney, my Executive Assistant, is "the tall one" in the office even though she's totally normal in height 😉 I love Courtney's laid-back vibe and how she paired the skirt with some of her favorite pieces from her closet. She is 5'7" and a size 14. Courtney's wearing an Ann Taylor tank, denim jacket from Gap adorned with vintage pins, and Toms booties.

Oh Joy / Dressing the Team

Joy (oh, that's me!), our Creative Director, loves color. So I combined this beautiful emerald green with another stunning shade of cobalt blue. To help tone down the two strong colors, I paired them with neutrals in blush and silver. I'm 5'3" and a size 0. I'm wearing a Zara jacket, Zara top, and Loeffler Randall slides.

Oh Joy / Dressing the Team

I hope you enjoyed our first Dressing the Team post! Let us know what you think in the comments!

{Photos by Mary Costa}



  1. Love this SO much! Fashion posts ARE great but can definitely limit people if it’s just tall and skinny trendy looking girls all the time. I’m a petite 0 and 5′-0″ but a little curvier. I can be afraid of some of the fashion trends I see because of my lack of height. Definitely want to buy a pleated skirt now because I know it would work! 🙂

  2. Loved this post! I’ve been thinking about getting a tea length pleated skirt for the past few months so this was perfect for ideas on how to wear it.

  3. Loooved this post and the skirt!! I love how you took this fashion post and made it even better by including the whole team and showcasing various body types/style. The team looks fantastic! More posts like these, please. 🙂

  4. Seems to be a lot of loved this idea posts, but I could not think of anything else to say. Loved it! Keep up the good work.

  5. Great info. I always wondered how those high waist skirts looked on petite folks across the size board like me. I’m glad I’m not the only one rocking sneakers with skirts/ dresses 🙂

  6. Thanks for this, and thanks for showing (being?) some shorter women. I know it’s hard for people on both sides of the size spectrum, but as someone who is a 5’4″ size 0/00, it can actually be really difficult to find cute, well-fitting clothes that don’t look like they come from the juniors section (let’s be honest, a lot of them do, but as long as they don’t look like it I’m fine!). And thanks, as always, for acknowledging that even for those of us who are able to lose the weight, bodies aren’t the same after having kids.

  7. LOVE IT!!! Love seeing the team, keep em’ coming 🙂 I also love seeing how the backdrops Julia teases on Snap come to life and where they are used!!!!

  8. What a great idea! I love this series already! And I’ve always loved pleaded skirts but didn’t know how to make it work for me. This post really helps! ???

  9. I love it…what an awesome idea! It would be great to keep the clothing pieces at an affordable price.

  10. I love this so much!! I especially love to see the ladies who recently had babies! I had my second baby 8 months ago and my body is still so different than before and is taking longer to bounce back than it did first time around.

  11. I love this. Thank you so much for including everyones size. I know that isn’t everyones favorite thing to shout out to the world but it ready helps me figure out were I fit in the group. You always have the cutest style and I look forward to seeing more of these posts.

  12. Thanks Catherine! Yes, that’s the great thing about this piece…you could wear it lower or higher to adjust length and it worked on both curvy and non curvy girls!

  13. Hi Kelli,
    Luckily all the girls on the team were totally comfortable with sharing their sizes! So glad you enjoyed it!

  14. I have to say I haven’t been so inspired by blogs lately, but I really love this post! It’s great. Nice to see girls that aren’t only tiny! Thanks!

  15. This looks like a fun series to follow! I have a question about the fit of ASOS. Did you and the other petite girls buy the petite version of this skirt, or the regular one? I’ve found that this brand has run large and am curious to know if you found it TTS. Thanks!

  16. BRILLIANT idea! Love this so much.
    And am literally buying the pink jacket you’re wearing now. What size is it? That would be awesome to add in future posts too (the sizes of all items you guys are wearing — wait, why don’t I do that?!)

  17. Huge fan of this! Please do more of these types of posts! I love your style and your team!

  18. What a great idea for a series! I loved seeing the same wonderful piece on all the members of the team and ways of styling it. I particularly liked that it was an item under $50 and also an item I might never have thought of for myself … until now! 🙂

  19. Fabulous idea! I love the diversity in heights and sizes. After having a baby and being heavier than I’ve ever been, fashion lost its appeal to me. This post makes fashion relatable and a renewed possibility for me again! Goodbye frumpy mom looks! Thank you, team for keeping it real!

  20. I also love this series!! I’m a size up after my second kid, very poochy in the tummy, and how refreshing to see versatile items!

  21. Hi Kimberly!
    We didn’t get the petite version because sometimes you have to size up for Petites and we didn’t want to make it too complicated for this group order 😉
    For me, this skirt was TTS. I know for some of the other girls who are between sizes, they were able to wear the smaller size.

  22. Ha! Thanks Lorra! I came up with the idea to get the whole team involved and one of the other girls came up with the idea for the name of it as a spin-off to our Dressing the Bump and Dressing the Babe posts 😉

  23. Hi Courtney!
    The sizing should be your regular size but if you are in-between, I actually feel like you can size down when you wear high-waisted. If I wore this skirt at my regular waist, I would have needed a bigger size. But it is meant to be worn high so the sizing was accurate to my usual size.

  24. Such a fun idea! Loved to see how it indeed looked good on everyone and it gave me a great idea of how this would look on me. Keep it going!

  25. All the women look great, so I’m not sure why you felt it necessary to include what some of their goal weights are after they lose baby weight or what their size was before having a baby. Wasn’t it sufficient to say what size they are now and leave it at that? That’s some people’s normal size. Also, they look great regardless of what their previous weight . It feels like “oh, I’m not really this size, it’s because of baby weight, and thinner is obviously better so I’m really working to lose this weight!” A little disappointed.

  26. I love this series!! Such a great idea. I always see bloggers posting outfits that I love, but can only presume would not look so great on my smaller frame. Thanks for this Joy! Oh and I hate being ‘that person’, but I think it’s ‘midriff’ and not ‘mid-drift’! 🙂

  27. Lina,
    Glad you like! And ha no worries…I don’t want typos so happy when someone notices and tells me! 😉

  28. I loved this post so much! It is so relatable and a refreshing look at fashion posts. Seriously can’t wait to see what is to come next for this series. Are you interested in getting suggestions?!

  29. love, love, love this series – its great to see the different ways one piece can be warn and I especially love that its a variety of shapes so I can see how it all goes together

  30. I love this idea — more fashion, and more accessible. Excellent! My only (tiny) quibble is that it was hard to focus on the fashion (all the bright colors!) with such a punchy background. I LOVE that background, but when trying to compare and really focus on the clothes, the dots were a bit distracting, visually. Thanks for a great addition to the blog!

  31. Great idea! It’s nice to see clothes modeled by REAL women for a change. All your styles and suggestions were awesome and I do look forward to seeing more posts in this vein. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


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