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your daily routine just got a little cuter…

Johnson's® by Oh Joy!

Johnson's® by Oh Joy!

There are some brands and products that take me back to my childhood. A certain scent of a bath wash or lotion that takes me to the days of my youth and brings back that nostalgic feeling when using the same things now with my own children. Johnson's® is one of those brands I have been using ever since I can remember.

Johnson's® by Oh Joy!

Johnson's® by Oh Joy!

We're excited to have partnered with Johnson's® this summer on a collection of Johnson's® by Oh Joy! baby lotion and bath wash bottles that you can find now exclusively at your local Target store for a limited time. The Johnson's by Oh Joy! collection includes: Johnson's® baby Head-To-Toe® wash, Johnson's® baby lotion, Johnson's® baby Bedtime® lotion, and Johnson's® baby Bedtime® bath.

Since my family often keeps these products out and visible in our homes, it was fun to decorate the bottles to make them even cuter and more fun. Your family will love keeping these bottles out on the dresser, in the nursery, or in the bathroom.

This limited time collection is exclusively available in Target stores and online now through July 23.

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester. In top photo: Animal wallpaper by Chasing Paper and print by Bonnie Tsang for Minted.}


  1. So cute! Perfect partnership seeing your desgins on a product that has been in our lives for generations. Love blending the traditional with the modern.

  2. Love the designs as always Joy! Question for you though- where are those adorable bunnies from!!?? Thanks so much!

  3. Cute packaging but I really hope Johnson’s has finally removed the harmful ingredients from their formulas meant for kids!

  4. Hi Am,
    Thanks! Glad you like the packaging 😉
    I use Johnson’s on my kids and myself. Since there are so many articles out there, before creating these wraps I spoke with Johnson’s RD about the ingredients used in their products. I feel confident that after decades of research, all of their products on the market today, including the original formulation, are safe to use.

  5. I’m very disappointed that you have sold out for companies like J&J. I know you don’t use this crap on your kids so why would you encourage other parents to? I remember seeing a video back when ruby was a baby and you use fancy organic shampoo specifically “mustela” not J&J. I’ve been a devoted follower from the beginning but it seems your priorities and views have changed. It’s a shame to see one of my favorites join the money train.

  6. Up until a few years ago, J&J baby products contained formaldehyde, parabens, triclosan and phthalates — and who knows what other garbage. I wouldn’t ever put them near my babies, let alone on them, but that’s just me.

  7. Hi Sharon,
    I’m sorry to disappoint you. While you might not believe me, I do use these products. I grew up using them throughout my whole childhood. And when I say I use something, it’s true. We did try Mustela back in the day because we received it as a gift but it honestly didn’t work as well and it was too expensive. I use some organic products and I use some not organic ones. I am not one-sided where my life is all or nothing in one category or another. I don’t believe that just because something says organic that it’s the best product to there. I really do use JJ on my kids and have far before this collaboration. My husband is a physician and he would never let us use something for our kids if he felt it was harmful.
    I know I can’t change your views on the product because if you’re not into it already, nothing I can say will change your mind and that’s fine. I just hope that you will know that I consider a lot of things before making decisions in my business and in personal/family life, and I don’t do anything just for the money.


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