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dressing the team / a jumpsuit…



I was so happy to see how much you guys enjoyed our first Dressing the Team post last month! I love the idea of sharing pieces and ways to style those pieces that I think complements a variety of people and body types. All of the girls in the Oh Joy office (ranging in sizes from 0-14), will wear the same piece, and I'll show you how we styled each outfit differently on varying body types. Here's our newest one!

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits. But sometimes they are either super fitting and hard to wear or totally comfy, yet way too baggy. When you can find one that fits you well, they make a statement and become a full outfit with one easy piece. For today's post, I chose this jersey jumpsuit from Boden because the material makes it easy to wear, wash, and can be adjusted to be more or less fitting with the tied waistband. I love this graphic print that's both neutral and fun! Here's how we styled it and made the same piece work for different occasions and different sizes. I also made sure to list the sizes we are wearing for this piece for easy reference!

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

Angie, our graphic designer, is our resident "Sporty Spice". I love how she styled this weekend look for hanging with her two kids. She paired her jumpsuit (size 4) with floral Van's and a Target hoodie. As a mom with a new-ish baby, the V-neck on the jumpsuit also makes for a great piece to wear while nursing.

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

Jess, our crafting assistant, wore her jumpsuit (size 2) with a denim vest from Madewell, nude mules, and a Bunai necklace. Since she is petite (4'11"), she rolled the pant legs to give it a more cropped look.

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

Julia, our Creative Producer and Stylist, dressed up the jumpsuit (size 4) for a date night out with her husband. Julia is wearing a Zara bomber jacket, Gaia for Women necklace, and BC Footwear shoes (past season).

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

Courtney, my Executive Assistant, is keeping it all neutral and chic with accents of black, white, gold and pale pink. If you're fuller in the bust area, try wearing a camisole or bralette underneath the wrap style jumpsuit to keep covered without having to safety pin it. Courtney paired her jumpsuit (size 14) with a Victoria's Secret camisole (past season), H&M sandals (past season), and 31 Bits necklace.

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

Joy (me!), our Creative Director, rarely wears black and white. So I added pops of color to this otherwise neutral ensemble (size 2) with a vintage scarf tied around my waist, clogs by Bryr, and a Babe necklace. I French cuffed the pant legs for a more taped and cropped look.

dressing the team / a jumpsuit

A few tips about picking out jumpsuits for all different body types:

– Choose a soft and stretchy material.

– A built-in drawstring or a belt adds some definition to a typically blouse-y item.

– Pick one that is easy to take off and put on (ie. no zipper or buttons that will get in the way of having to take a bathroom break)!

– V-neck or wrap cuts are flattering on both small-chested and larger chested women because it accentuates a small bust and allows for layering underneath with a larger bust.

-Try wearing the leg both as it is and cuffed the bottom for a different look!

{Photos by Casey Brodley} 


  1. I’ve been considering a jumpsuit. I have to give your staff kudos for listing their clothing sizes. It’s brave and progressive…and I’m always wondering what size to get too. Thank you for that.

  2. Thanks Jeanne! They were all very comfortable with it and we felt as though people could best compare to what would look good on them if they knew what sizes we were all wearing 😉

  3. Joy–I love how the idea behind these posts celebrates women of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Thank you!!! Please push this brilliant idea farther and include other women (maybe your friends, moms, neighbors, etc.) of a broader variety! What about the sizes between 4 and 14? What about women of other ethnicities? Ages? Heights? There is SO much about the variety of women that is underrepresented and overlooked in our media. Thanks for being a different voice. Much love!
    (Also, here is part of the conversation about the “medium sized woman”:

  4. Thanks Carolyn! Glad you are enjoying them. And I would love to include more people but it can be hard to coordinate and shoot so many people all wearing the same thing (and not everyone feels comfortable taking a photo 😉 For now we’ll most likely stick to the girls here in the office. But I agree there are some sizes not represented. My hope was that it covered at least a few different ranges by at least showing more people than just me.
    And I loved that article..I had read it a couple months ago and it’s great!

  5. I love this series! Besides just being different sizes, I love seeing how everyone’s personality really comes through.

  6. LOVE the various individual looks of your team members. I like the LOOK of jumpsuits but they are a real pain to wear since every time you visit the Ladies you have to take all your clothes off. I once wore one for traveling and after a couple of hours I regretted it mightily.

  7. ZINNNG! You are all babes. Totally cute how everyone styled it up differently. Got any size 8s kicking around? Hehe. 😛 XO (PS Joy your clogs are BONKERS cute. Love the pops of colour and they look comfy!)

  8. Ha! I know what you mean! But I have tried so many and come to the conclusion that if there are no zippers or buttons it’s actually totally fine (for me at least). Maybe not if you are on an airplane bathroom but for normal everyday situations the stretchy jumpsuit is the way to go!


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