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floral honeycomb decor for a baby shower…

floral honeycomb decor DIY

floral honeycomb decor DIY

Once you reach your 30's (or at least in my case), baby showers are like weddings and you find yourself going to one (or throwing one) multiple times a year during the baby boom that happens among your friends and family. Decor is always a fun aspect to a shower to celebrate the baby to be and we wanted to share our take on a piece you could make for a baby shower that could also be hung in the baby's room after, too!

floral honeycomb decor DIY

You'll need:

– white foam core (ours is 4ft x 3ft) 

8" honeycombs

12" honeycombs


– double sided tape

faux leaf garland

– faux flowers (we used yellow ranunculus and white daisies

– paper letters (ours are 8" and we made them gold by covering poster board in gold contact paper then using a stencil to cut out) 

floral honeycomb decor DIY

Here's how:

1. Place half-opened honeycombs on the foam core in various spots. Use double sided tape to secure them on the foam core board.

2. Once all the honeycombs are placed use the garland to wrap around and fill in the spaces between the honeycombs. Use wire to secure the garland onto the foam core by poking holes through the foam core and wrapping the wire around the garland and through the foam core again and twisting in the back to secure.

3. Add the flowers into the garland, which should stay on their own but could also be secured with wire.

4. Create words of your choice by printing out the letters in a large font and cutting them out to use as stencils.

5. If you want to make gold letters, you can use a gold card stock or use gold contact paper to cover card stock and cut those out with the stencils as your guide.

floral honeycomb decor DIY

6. Secure the letters onto the board by taping a loop of clear fishing wire behind each letter. Hook each letter to the garland like you could attach an ornament to a Christmas tree.

7. Finally, hang it to the wall by using command strips or nailing onto the wall. 

floral honeycomb decor DIY

I used this at a baby shower I hosted last weekend and it was a big hit!

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{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling by Julia Wester, crafting by Julia Wester & Jess Hong}


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