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three places to use a side table…

three places to use a side table

three places to use a side table

A side table is staple of any home. You probably have a side table in at least one room in your home. So today, I'm sharing places to use and style a side table in different parts of your home using our Oh Joy for Target version…

three places to use a side table

1. Living room - The most classic use of a side table next to a couch or set of chairs (like the two examples above) offers a place to keep drinks or snacks when hanging in your living room as well as surface to hold decorative items like plants, books, or decorative objects. I always like to keep at least half of the surface clear so it doesn't feel too cluttered.

three places to use a side table

2. Bedroom – A side table by the bed holds all your evening essentials—a glass of water, book, and a pick-me-up vase of flowers.

three places to use a side table

3. Kids play room – Whether storing small toys or other mini keepsakes, add this to a kid's room for an extra surface to draw and play on. You can also make use of the underneath area to tuck away storage and other toys.

three places to use a side table

And, if all else fails…just fill it with flowers!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, table is Oh Joy for Target (on sale now through Saturday!}.

Other items: Eva Throw by Pom Pom at Home, Living room chair cushions by Oh Joy for Target, chairs from Sunbeam vintage; bedroom wall hanging by Maryanne Moodie; living room pink Paris print by Famille Summerbelle, pink/yellow rug by Lorena Canals, pink pineapple nightlight by Goodnight Light, "pick me up vase" by 1882 Ltd., Mio toy collection by Manhattan Toy Company.


  1. Hi sweet friend!!
    Just had to tell you that I have been on the hunt for a doll house for my little love. It’s proved trickier than expected. 😉 The Mio Collection is just what I have been looking for! Thank you for introducing me to so many great brands and toys…. I’ve found so many wonderful things because of YOU!! I greatly appreciate you sharing links at the end of your posts.
    xo Lara


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