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a {giveaway} with packit…(now closed)

Packit Insulated Lunch Bags

Packit Insulated Lunch Bags

Everyday, I pack Ruby's lunch for school. I have been a big fan of PackIt because I freeze the bag overnight, pack it in the morning, and her lunch stays cool all day. They're also awesome for my own lunch for work or for trips to the park or picnics. So today, we've partnered with PackIt to give away $100 worth of credit on their site to two lucky readers!

Packit Insulated Lunch Bags

To enter, please visit PackIt, then leave a comment here telling me your favorite design and pattern! Entries close this Friday, August 4th at 8am PST and two winners will be chosen at random.* Good luck!

P.S. All Oh Joy! readers can claim 15% off at PackIt! Use code OHJOY15 

UPDATE: Congrats to Gloria C.  from Paramount, CA and Suzanne W. from Loveland, OH for being our winners this time! 

*This giveaway is open to readers in the United States! Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $100 USD total value per winner. Winners will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. Good morning! I love the idea of PackIts because (in the grand Asian tradition) we pack up bits of leftovers for lunch every day. It would be much healthier to use a bag that keeps cold all day, especially when the food is a pork curry or something that might otherwise need to go in a fridge.
    My favorite pattern is Polka Dots in the Classic Lunch Box style.
    (And hello, by the way! I’m a lurker who usually reads your lovely posts via Feedly, and this is my first comment here. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  2. Love the FREEZABLE CARRYALL LUNCH BAG in Fiesta. Perfect for bringing only long train rides to so many summer weddings!

  3. The FREEZABLE TRAVELER LUNCH BAG with polka dots is chic! It looks like it can be used for work and on the weekend getaways!

  4. I love the freezable grocery bag in the gray stripe! What a great idea! Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. I love these, what a great idea! My favorite is the Classic in Fiesta. All 4 of my kids would love taking it to school everyday.

  6. We are constantly packing food in our house, and these are so great! Love the micro dot print.

  7. We love these! We currently send our daughter to daycare with the bottle bag, but now that she is growing up and weaning from bottles, she’ll need a real lunch box for all of her food. The mini lunch bag in go go print would be perfect for her.

  8. I’m about to have my second baby, and the freezable traveler in Viva would bring a little color to the task of storing pumped milk after I go back to work!

  9. i like the style you have shown here! i’d pick the freezable upright lunch box in poppies. and a wine bag :).

  10. I love pack it! My daughter has the lunch bag in surf stripe, but I would love a grocery rote in viva!

  11. I love the freezable carryall lunch bag in polka dot. Perfect bag to avoid juggling things walking into the office.

  12. I love the whole line and need to get one for the whole family, but really like the uptown in bloom.

  13. Love the Zig Zag Salad Bag…so handy! And of course, any of the wine coolers…such a great idea.

  14. I’m a sucker for plaid and love the buffalo check in the standard lunch size. They have so many great patterns it was hard to choose!

  15. I am a speech therapist getting ready for a new school year, and the freezable carryall lunch bag in polka dots would help me get off on the right start!

  16. The freezable mini in monsters is so adorable! I am about to start grad school and there’s no fridge in the studio to keep lunches in so this seems like the perfect solution, thank you!

  17. I love the one that you have in the picture, the upright lunch bag in buffalo check!

  18. Sorry, although the bags are super cute, my favorite is the Upright Lunch BOX in buffalo check!

  19. We already have a small lunch bag in the Ziggy print and we love it! The prints are so cute and we love the French Bulldog tag that’s on ours.

  20. I love the blue monsters mini lunchbag for my son! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway Joy ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. We have one and love it. My daughter has taken it every day for the last two years. Now that #2 is headed to school we could use another lunchbox in the Saturday print.

  22. I love the Micro Dot Freezable Lunch Bag! I purchased a PackIt lunch bag the last time you posted about them and LOVE it!

  23. I’ve been dying for one of these to put my pumped breastmilk and now that I’m back to work! I would love the lunch box in polkadot!

  24. My husband brown bags it everyday since he works the evening shift. His job requires him to move from building to building. He has to carry his lunch with him. We would like to give this product a try…Camo design!

  25. Hard to pick just one style and or print. But my favorite would be the upright freeze able in monsters 2.0 for my boys preschool lunch!

  26. Fiesta carryall lunch bag would be one of my favorites but they are all so cute!!

  27. The freezable traveler lunch bag would be perfect for my boys and I in our big city travels!

  28. Wow! What a great product. I’ll be getting one for each member of the family. I love the carryall in polka dot. Hope it is back in stock soon.

  29. I’ve always loved the Uptown Lunch Bag, and the Picnic Tote is a close second.

  30. The freezable carryall lunchbag would be wonderful for my metro commute to work. It’s large enough to carry all of my containers AND has that wonderful strap to keep my hands free. Love that the fiesta print could pass as a regular bag and doesn’t scream lunchbox!

  31. I love the freezable lunch bag in go go for one of my girls and the monsters 2.0 in the mini lunch bag for my son who will start up preschool this September.

  32. Love Packit! I used one when I was pumping at work so I didn’t have to worry about having my milk under refrigeration. Really into their grocery bags and their ziggy design!

  33. What a great idea! I’m a huge fan of travel coolers and lunch bags! These are perfect! Can’t wait to grab one!

  34. Great looking bags! My favorite is the uptown lunch bag in the polka dots print. Also love the viva print!

  35. I love the polka dot carryall for myself, but my little guy would love the classic in monsters! What a fun print!

  36. I have been using plastic grocery bags to bring my lunch to the office every day for 2 years now (booo)
    I looooooove the deluxe lunch bag probably in viva
    or the lunch bag in poppy. that floral is so cute!

  37. I can’t decide. It’s a toss up between Surf Stripe, Micro Dots or just grey in Uptown Lunch. That would be perfect for my outings with 4 kiddos.

  38. I love the Viva lunch bag!! Super cute and would be so useful as a teacher!

  39. Since the work fridge scares me so much (soooo smelly) that I regularly rock a freezable lunch bag to work, I would love to get the Uptown in black to supplement my current PackIt bag.

  40. We do a lot of picnics and hiking so a great option for that is the Freezable Picnic Tote in Fiesta

  41. The mini lunch bag in Saturday is adorable, and I also love the regular lunch bag in Gingham!!

  42. I love the idea of these! I am looking for something exactly like the Carryall bag and the Saturday print is adorable!

  43. Love the lunch bag in the poppies pattern for my daughter… We had it in the hearts pattern but the zipper broke off. We need a replacement and she would love the pink poppies!

  44. The fiesta tote!! Be still my heart. Looks perfect for family beach days too!

  45. love the freezable carryall lunch bag!! (at first glance at this post i actually thought you created a design for them joy…some of the patterns and colors remind me so much of oh joy style!)

  46. i love the picnic bag! perfect to bring for those outdoor summer shows! i like the surf stripe and gingham!

  47. I like the freezable grocery bag – no more racing home so the ice cream won’t melt! I like the ziggy pattern.

  48. I love the fiesta picnic tote! I like how this one has a dry compartment for the accessories. I love features that keep you organized! This would be the perfect tote for road trips and beach days with my sweetie ?

  49. I love the Viva print. It is amazing!! I would love to have it in a freezable lunch bag–very practical for taking my lunch to school everyday.

  50. I have two hungry teens, so I’m loving the “Freezable Delux” in the “Saturday” pattern. Loving the cute lil birds on there.

  51. The uptown lunch bag looks super convenient and spacious to pack my lunch. I recently got hired and I’ve been carrying my lunch in a plastic bag and I really like the whole idea of a shoulder bag lunch bag and the style is super cute too! Keeping it classy ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. love love love these! my fave is the lunch bag in the ziggy pattern. thanks for the chance with this awesome giveaway!

  53. love the freezable traveler design (sadly out of stock!) and love the fiesta pattern’s stripes!

  54. I love the deluxe in viva. It would be perfect for the glass Pyrex I pack for lunch at work. Also, the minis in Saturday and monsters! One for wash of my kids when on the go ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. I really like the Deluxe Lunch Bag in Viva (although an Oh Joy design would be a winner, too!)

  56. I have the mini lunch bag in the Saturday print and I love it! It is great for toddler snacks. I like the upright lunch box in poppies and the grocery bag would be super handy.

  57. I love the Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag in polka dots! It’s such a cute and classic style!

  58. There are so many cute patterns that it would be hard to choose. For my little girl, I like the Saturday the best. For me, I like the Buffalo Check or really any of them besides the camo one. ๐Ÿ™‚ That one is a little too masculine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I like the deluxe lunch bag in viva, but then again I also like the carryall bag in polka dots…too many good ones to choose just one!

  60. The deluxe lunch bag (in ziggy)! It looks like it would actually hold the bigger square containers (that I always have to put in my current lunch bag on end and they leak and spill all over the bottom of my bag). I love the idea of being able to freeze the bag itself!

  61. I always pack my lunch for work, but next year, I won’t have a fridge– so a freezeable bag would be perfect! Love the Fiesta carryall and the Animal uptown bags.

  62. Viva print!!! I have a large one that I take on picnics and trips to Disneyland but a small one for lunch would be perfect!

  63. The freezable carryall lunch bag in polka dot! As my daughter moves into toddlerhood this would be a great first lunchbox for her.

  64. I love the Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag in Fiesta. It would be great to take on the boat!

  65. I really like the Freezable Mini Lunch Bag. I didn’t know they made a smaller version.

  66. These bags are awesome! The freezable lunch bag in Saturday would be so fun for my 6yo to take to 1st grade in a few weeks! A bag for me to have to take around with my 2yo would also be great to have for park days.

  67. My fav is the freezable Picnic Bag in Buffalo Check. Perfect for a summer day in the park. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Such a cool concept!
    My fave is the:
    in Buffalo check print!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Joey J

  69. I love the colorful picnic bag! That would come in handy once the weather cools down a little ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Love the salad bag in the vine or the original in the gingham. Really love lots of them. Thank you.

  71. My favorite is the Freezable Uptown Lunch Bag in Animal. So cute and love the crossbody strap so I don’t have to worry about having a free hand!

  72. Gotta love the Freezable lunch box in Saturday! My daughter would love this…and possibly eat her whole lunch if I’m lucky!

  73. These are all so cute! I love the Uptown Lunch bag in Bloom. Adorable and perfect for bringing lunches to work.

  74. Picnic in Surf Stripe!
    Love it! This would be perfect for outings with the family!

  75. I love PackIt bags and both of my boys use them for daycare. I have never seen their picnic bags but I would love one in buffalo check for bringing snacks to the highline or to the beach!

  76. I love the freezable lunch box in Saturday and the carryall in Fiesta. Such cute patterns and so many shapes!

  77. This was a no brainer. I love the Ziggy one… It WAS our daughter’s womb name after all.

  78. Upright lunch box in buffalo check…perfect for my son who’s starting preschool this year.

  79. Completely obsessed with the FIESTA Freezeable lunch bag !!! Perfect size , beautiful coloring & pattern. Also SUCH A GREAT BRAND !! I’m a fan for life xoxo

  80. would love the picnic tote for family outings and a camo mini cooler for my son ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. we were just shopping for coolers for the beach! but i think i’d love the grocery bag, in viva or grey stripe, no more worrying about melting stuff on the way home!

  82. It’s so hard to choose just ONE favourite but I think my husband will love the freezable deluxe lunch bag in camo print! Especially since he’s in the military and often hardly have time to eat while on the go. This awesome bag will ensure that his lunch stays fresh and delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. I own two of these to hold my lunch and for baby bottles. Love that they offer cute designs. My favorites are the fiesta and gingham.

  84. love the viva lunch bag! i take a cooler bag w me every day so this would be awesome, way more stylish than my current one ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for the chance!

  85. These look great – I always get nervous about how much time my lunch spends out of the fridge during my commute! I like the buffalo check pattern you featured in your photo, but I prefer the regular lunch bag option!

  86. What an interesting concept.
    I would order monsters 2.0 in the mini lunch bag for my kiddo and ziggy in the deluxe lunch bag for myself.
    If I won the giveaway I would also order some for my nieces. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. I like the traveler viva and carryall polka dot. Bloom and Saturday are pretty sweet too!

  88. i love the freezable deluxe lunch bag! what a great idea! thanks for the info as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. My favorite is the polka dot traveler lunch bag! It would so great to use everyday at college and save me money from having to buy lunch everyday.

  90. Freezable deluxe lunch bag in Fiesta is my jam. What a great idea for a cooler!

  91. The carry all in black, what can i say I’m a black and white kind of girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

  92. I have a Packit! Lunch bag in the Ziggy pattern already and must say I am obsessed! It totally keeps my lunch cold until lunchtime – and even keeps snacks like yogurt cold and safe to eat through the afternoon (or sometimes all the way back home and into my fridge if I’ve had a busy day and forgotten to eat it)! I would love to get the picnic bag in Ziggy or maybe anothe lunchbox in the Viva pattern.

  93. The freezable upright lunch box in buffalo check! My son will be 2 years old on Monday 8/8 and this would be perfect for his new classroom at daycare! He has to have an upright bag (so milk won’t spill!) and needs to have his own ice pack, too! This would solve both problems – I love it! Thanks for the great design!

  94. The Polka dots on the uptown lunch bag is really cute! Perfect for storing bottles or lunches depending on the day!

  95. I love the FREEZABLE PICNIC BAG in camo. My one-year-old has a ton of food allergies (wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts) so we have to bring food for him wherever we go. We have a smaller Pack It bag that we use for short trips and it’s the best! A larger bag would be invaluable for days we are out of the house for longer stretches.

  96. i am loving the deluxe lunch bag in ziggy. it would be perfect for bringing lunch to work.

  97. I love the upright lunch bag in poppies print. So cute! The 18-can cooler bag is nice too. It would be great for a long road trip.

  98. I think my son might go for either the check or surf stripe. My daughter would probably like the Saturday print or a floral. Honestly, it make me wish I worked outside of the he so I had an excuse to get one for myself! I also thought the price was right! Thanks for the recommendation OhJoy!

  99. I love the Be Mine version of the freezable lunch bags. So cute with this stripes and hearts. Thanks for the giveaway Packit & Oh Joy!

  100. I love the FREEZABLE LUNCH BAG Bloom pattern. It would be perfect for my daughter. The best part is the pattern is feminine without being childish, so my daughter should be able to use it for a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. I love the Saturday print and also the poppies!
    This is a great company. Thanks for introducing them. I’m sending mine off to preschool for the first time and looking for lunch bags.

  102. ORIGINAL FREEZABLE UPTOWN LUNCH BAG! I love using these for pumping while at work! Lunch and bottle combo!

  103. My favorite design and pattern are the Freezable Deluxe Lunch Bag in Ziggy.

  104. I like the freezable lunch box in the monsters colorway–for one of my little monsters ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. The freezable picnic big in the adorable ziggy pattern… so cute yet functional! They had me at “can fit a six-pack and snacks.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. The freezable salad bag or freezable travel lunch bag would be perfect for my subway commute where my leftovers usually get sloshed around or bumped by fellow commuters.

  107. My daughter would get lots of use from the ORIGINAL FREEZABLE CARRYALL LUNCH BAG in Surf Stripe

  108. I love the lunch bag in both the monsters and camo prints! I totally want the grocery bag as well!

  109. Hands down the freezable grocery bag in the Ziggy pattern. With it’s help I have a better chance of getting my Ice cream haul home in solid form during the summer months ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Freezable grocery bag in viva would be perfect for my family to not have to Rush back from the grocery store with two little kids. Sometimes we pass by a playground that would be a great pitstop but I worry about spoilage; this would help create more flexibility!

  111. Seems like you can’t go wrong with the freezable lunch bag in Ziggy! Since my office has only one mini fridge to accommodate 20 people, I would use this all the time!

  112. Viva or fiesta lunch bags! They are so stinking cute! I actually registered for these for my wedding but sadly never got them. =(

  113. Packit has great designs and patterns! I would love to try the grocery bag. I wish it came in Monsters 2.0, but I could find a “grown up” pattern if I had to ๐Ÿ˜‰

  114. Love the lunchbag in Viva! As a working mom, it’s hard to find the time to pack my lunch and make sure I have the blue ice frozen for the day. Throwing this in the freezer at night would make things so much simpler!

  115. I really like the designs and patterns in this post, but also really like the original lunch bag in micro dots!

  116. I love the freezable grocery bag in ziggy. Perfect for long road trips, sporting events, or grocery shopping!

  117. I’m really loving the freezable double wine bag, as well as all of the styles of the lunch bags!

  118. Oh, the freezable lunch bag in the monsters prints! Perfect for our trips to the park!

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