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morning routine essentials…

Morning Routine Essentials

Morning Routine Essentials

Since you guys have been seeing my face up close and personal lately on Instagram stories and Snapchat, I've been getting questions about some of the products I use and wanted to do a post with some of my favorite morning essentials that help make me look somewhat awake during the day 😉

1. DryBar dry shampoo helps to keep my bangs and roots of my hair looking not greasy between washings.

2. I don't wear perfume but I love these light and fresh Anese elixirs especially on a hot day.

3. Nars orgasm blush is my must-have essential for adding some color to my face—it's the perfect pink with a nice flush of gold in there.

4. DryBar brush for my bangs (I usually just use my fingers to comb the rest of my hair so it doesn't get too fluffy).

5. I never believed in anti-aging serums until I tried this No 7 serum. It's made my skin softer and brighter, and I use it under my moisturizer.

6. For that pop of lip color, I like stain sticks because they're not too heavy while still adding color. My favorites are Glossier Generation G lip stain in Crush and Revlon Balm Stain in Sweetheart.

7. Finally (not shown), I currently have eyelash extensions which I love because it's a little bit of upkeep to make my daily routine so minimal—I don't wear any eye makeup at all unless I'm going out to a fancy evening dinner. These days, more and more people know how to apply natural-looking extensions that are safe and relatively low-maintenance. I won't go into this in too much detail unless you guys have questions about it but I had to mention it since it comes up a lot in direct messages and I did not want anyone to think my lashes just look like that naturally ;). 

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


  1. loved this! i use the same glossier stick/color and it works so well! do you still use the restorsea moisturizer? i learned about them from you and have been a devotee ever since. it’s been amazing for my skin, but i always cringe a little when i go to buy more. and now my skin is more sensitive now after having kids, so i’m hesitant to try all kinds of products like i used to. and yes to lash extensions! i noticed it on IG stories, and they look great on you! i have them too…i tried to stop but then i thought…why? they’re AWESOME. after 2 kids + working, the lack of sleep is laughable. they make me look more awake and cut down on my time to get ready in the morning. win win.

  2. Hi Tracy!
    I don’t use that moisturizer anymore..I can be pretty cheap when it comes to some products so I mostly stick to oil of olay with SPF for my face lotion.
    And yes to lashes! It really does save so much time!

  3. I just ordered Gen G in Crush! I L.O.V.E. Gen G in Cake, but I’m excited to try a bolder color! Let’s hope it’s not too much on my fair skin ton!

  4. Thanks for this, Joy! Can you recommend a good lash extension place? I’m also in the LA area like you 🙂 XO!

  5. they just gotta ask (i did) because your lashes are really pretty! 🙂 . Thanks for being awesome about answering.


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