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finally, my bedroom makeover!

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

A few months ago, I posted a photo of the sad state of my bedroom. It was one of my summer projects to finally take the plastic off the bed frame and cover up the torn wallpaper with a grown-up headboard.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

To refresh your memory, here's the "before" from my last post and the "after"! Check out more details below about what stayed and what went!

Here's what we changed…

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

1. Bed frame and headboard – After getting pregnant with Coco, we upgraded to a king size bed from a queen. I LOVE my bed and probably spend way too much time in it, but we had the bed frame on the ground (still wrapped in plastic for 2 years). To finally change that situation, we got an inexpensive bed frame from the mattress company just to lift up the bed off the ground, put on a bed skirt, and then added a headboard from Incy Interiors in this pale blush pink. I have never had a headboard before, and I have to say, it does make our bed feel way more grown up.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

2. Side tables – I had the previous set of side tables for over 10 years when I liked dark wood and black accents. After using something for 10 years, I felt okay with finally getting new ones. The tables needed to get lighter in color to match the lightness of the room. And luckily, we had some side tables from our Oh Joy for Target summer collection. Since this side table has less drawers then our previous one, we added these wire baskets underneath to hold magazines, blankets, and just that extra "stuff" you need in your room but sometimes want to put away.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

3. End of Bed Bench – I've always loved how hotels have those benches by the base of the bed that was so useful for getting dressed. While we could have opted for a storage bench or long ottoman, I loved put this mini settee by Incy Interiors here instead. It flanks the bed in a chic way but also feels playful since it's a kid's couch and makes our bedroom feel inviting for our kids, too.


4. Curtains - Our previous curtains were sized incorrectly for the windows so they never really blocked any light from coming in. And while I love light and actually prefer to always have curtains open, that room gets very hot mid-day when the sun beams down on it and makes it feel like an oven. So we needed something to block out light to keep the room cool in the day so that it's comfortable to be in. Since the windows are wide and high, I always struggled with curtains (should they still go to the ground or just cover the windows?). Instead, we opted for more functional blinds that were more streamlined and modern. I chose a double shade from The first layer lets in light while the second layer darkens the room almost completely.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

5. Rug – I once had a rug in here to help cover the not-so-great grey carpet that is part of our rental. But it was super old and slowly got eaten by moths. So we updated to a vintage Moroccan rug from Coco Carpets. I wanted a little color but not too much, so I opted for this one that had small accents of color. Rugs can be an investment, so if you're gonna spend money on one, get something you think you will love for a while.

Here's what we kept…

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

1. Lamps – I got these lamps 6 years ago, and still love them so there was no need to swap those out!

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

2. Wallpaper – My wallpaper is still looking good on that back wall, however, over time some small children (who shall remain nameless) have pulled and tugged on a certain section that has now ripped a good chunk off. Luckily the headboard served as a perfect cover up.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

3. Vintage Credenza – This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture we bought when we moved to LA six years ago, and I will probably have this piece forever.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

4. Bedding – Duvets can be expensive, and there was no reason to get a new one when our grey linen duvet serves as a nice, neutral to tone down the feminine colors in the room. Rather then getting too many bedding sets, I usually stick to a couple neutral ones and then mix-and-match with different pillow cases and decorative pillows.

Oh Joy / Bedroom Makeover

In general, we kept our biggest investment pieces and swapped out only the items that either had worn out over time, had paid their dues over a decade, or smaller, accessories that wouldn't be too costly to add. Any new additions beyond smaller accessories were investment pieces that I could see us using for a while to come.

Sources: Oh Joy for Target side tables (now on sale), rug from Coco Carpets, headboard from Incy Interiors, settee from Incy Interiors, OMG vase by Oh Joy for Target, rose gold swan by Oh Joy for Target, Gray Malin print, solar roller shade (Monterey 3% Cloud White) from, blackout roller shade (Rocklin Cloud Blackout) from, wallpaper is a past Oh Joy wallpaper design from Hygge & WestTarget basket, Target clock, Gray Malin x S'well water bottle, Target geo burst, Oh Joy for Target decorative pillows.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, room design by Joy Cho, prop styling by Julia Wester} 


  1. Great Post! Love all the changes you made and kept a lot of the your already loved furniture. I especially like your blind choice. Those blinds are awesome with the two options; one to let some light in and another to let no light in. Great for a bedroom and may need to get them for my next bedroom. Just wondering though, since you have the curtain rods still up, are you getting curtains too? 🙂

  2. Those blinds are the kind I’m looking for…are both layers somehow built in together or do you have two visible rollers? Thanks!!!

  3. Hi Sara!
    There are two sets of rollers. One in front and one in back but they are both hidden by the valence so you don’t see them 😉

  4. The room looks great, but I’m confused…why are the curtain rods still up if there’s not going to be curtains (or will there be)?It looks unfinished without curtains on them.

  5. Could you give me the source for the bedskirt?? I am having such a hard time finding one that isn’t ugly!!! Looks great!! Thanks joy!

  6. Hi Sara!
    Joy spelled it out perfectly. These are 2 shades that mount together behind one valance so they look really clean and finished. The dual shade option isn’t listed on our website, but our designers can special order them for you by phone at 800-505-1905.
    Reach out to us on twitter @blindsdotcom if there’s anything else we can do to help with your project!

  7. Hi Sandra,
    He loves the changes. But he also doesn’t care and as long as it stays functional, is okay with any surface changes. I do make sure to run by any major changes by him but he trusts me most of the time 😉

  8. I love the detail in this room, that swan bust is fantastic. I have to say my favourite is the sofa at the end of the bed… so cosy!


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