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a {giveaway} with coco carpets…(now closed)

Coco Carpets

Coco Carpets

My recent bedroom makeover included this beautiful vintage rug from Coco Carpets. It's an authentic Berber Moroccan rug that has a timeless quality with a pop of color that I just love. And because I love you…my loyal readers so much, I want you to have one, too! So today, we've partnered with Coco Carpets to give away one rug of your choice (up to $1,900 in value) to one lucky reader!

Coco Carpets

To enter, please follow @CocoCarpets on Instagram. Then, leave a comment here telling me where you'd put your new rug! Entries close this Friday, October 14th at 8am PST and one winner will be chosen at random.* Good luck!

Coco Carpets

UPDATE: Congrats to Freya S. from Nashville, TN for being our winner this time! 

*This giveaway is open to readers everywhere in the world! Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $1,900 USD credit can be applied to only a single order. Winner will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. Hmmmm I think my bedroom! Still have the not so new carpet the house came with and I’d like a change!

  2. I’m looking for a larger rug for my family room. The one we have is too small for the space. It would be nice to have something comfy since our toddler uses the room as her play space.

  3. Love all these beautiful color and pattern. My family room is still missing a rug and would love to add these beautiful color and pattern to your family room!

  4. Thank you so much for the great giveaway!! We are moving to a new home come spring and will have lots of spots for a beautiful rug to brighten our new space!!!!

  5. These are gorgeous! I’ve been searching for the perfect rug to brighten up our living room πŸ™‚

  6. So pretty! We just got a house so we’re in need of rugs everywhere, but especially the living room

  7. Oh yes–sign me up! These are gorgeous! I’d definitely be outfitting our naked guest room… it needs some love!

  8. hey there, this rug is so so beautiful. I would hang it on my living room wall – so it may last for a very long time πŸ™‚
    love your blog!

  9. Oh those rugs! I would put one in my family room – which is in desperate need of a replacement for our million year old Ikea rug!

  10. I just followed πŸ™‚ Honestly, I would put a rug in the bedroom. We are currently contemplating a make-over (we never properly did the bedroom in our rush to move in 2 years ago) and I would love some colour there. Plus, the floor is always cold and a rug would make it 10x easier to get up in the morning (or so I hope).

  11. They are so beautiful! My bachelor apartment is so tiny that it would cover most of the space, and make the entire space feel less naked!

  12. Followed!
    Our living room is in desperate need of a new rug! We’ve had a cheapie white shaggy rug since we moved in 3+ years ago; with a dog & a toddler, the rug is more like gray now and I would LOVE to replace it with one of these amazing rugs!

  13. My almost-monochrome living room needs a rug to really bring it together! I’d love it to be one of these.

  14. We recently moved and have a few spots that need a beautiful rug…I love the Diagon Alley moroccan berber rug and can think of a few places it would be perfect!

  15. Ooohh, I would love to put one of these beauties in my living room. I currently have a plain white shag rug, but I’d love to switch it out for something more colorful.

  16. Oh yay! What a perfect giveaway. : ) I would put my rug in my living room because I’m not a fan of the gross old rug I have now!

  17. Eeek! I would love to decorate my entryway with a beautiful coco carpet, to bring a little joy into a very neutral abode.

  18. Recently married and on the quite tedious process of doing a room makeover to accommodate my husband. Any of these carpets can bring a pop of color and coziness to our room!

  19. I’m about to flip all our bedrooms around, I would love to be able to freshen up our new room. Coco Carpets are gorgeous!

  20. Beautiful rugs! I would place mine in my government office — it would bring some life to the space πŸ™‚

  21. These are wonderful! In our living room. These would be perfect to give our living room some color and character

  22. i love these rugs! i would definitely put it in our living room so i can show it off to everyone who comes by! i’m following under kailove07 on insta.

  23. I would love to be able to switch my dark living room rug to something happier and lighter!

  24. This is such a beautiful company and they have amazing color options. I would love to put this in my living room.

  25. So many pretties to choose from! I think I would put mine in my master bedroom for a little touch of comfy luxury.

  26. just followed!
    I would put it in my living room, which could use a refreshing touch of color.

  27. Ooh! Gorgeous! We just found out we’re moving to an old row house in DC and the living room is in need of a rug!

  28. I’ve been struggling with our living room – our most used room in the house and yet the least aesthetically pleasing – and I’d love to put a beautiful new rug in there to kick start a great design!

  29. I’d love to put one of these beautiful rugs in my living room. I’ve always had carpets until recently, everything is wooden flooring now. I’d love the rug so my little toes aren’t so cold in the morning!

  30. These rugs are gorgeous! It would go either in my living room or bedroom. Both rooms are in need of a dash of color.

  31. Followed! Lovely colors that would go with just about anything! Would love for my living room.

  32. I would love, love, love a Berber rug for my living room. We have been living with a make do rug for four years and the time has come for it to go. These rugs are so soft and beautiful!

  33. Followed! I’d put the rug in our living room for a cozy woodstove experience this winter!

  34. I would put it in my toddler’s room since it’s the coldest room in the house and this carpet looks so thick and soft that we could actually sit on it and play in her room for once πŸ™‚

  35. Would love to put one of these beauties in my master bedroom. The pops of bright color are just perfect!

  36. I LOVE the black background rug with the bright pixelated diamonds. Something like that – cheerful but with a dark background – would go perfectly in our living room to replace the outdated and grungy chevron rug that my one-year-old spilled my entire cup on black tea on last week…!

  37. Ive been looking for a new rug for me studio apartment and this could be it! it would be front and center!

  38. GORGEOUS! I would put one in my bedroom, where it will feel and look fantastic under my feet.

  39. I have the perfect spot for one of these on some old farmhouse hardwood floors in the upstairs loft in my little Sunshine House!
    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  40. Love these rugs!! I’d use one for my dining room, which is desperately boring at the moment!!!

  41. With the chilly temps starting on the East Coast– we could use a new rug in our bedroom as it is all hardwood.

  42. OH my goodness! This couldn’t have come at a better time! I would love a new rug for the base of my bed. The NYC parkay floors just look awful and I’ve been dreaming of a Coco Carpet since seeing your post and they were a little out of my price range at this point. Fingers crossed!

  43. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house… we’ve been living in his bachelor pad for the last six months and I can’t WAIT to create a space that suits both of us! I’d love to put one of these beautiful rugs in our new living space, which is small but has beautiful wood floors and lots of light πŸ™‚

  44. Four months ago, I bought a $2500 rug for my living room. Last week, my cat got sick and pee’d all over it, and now it’s ruined. Luckily, we found out what was wrong with her and she’s now okay. If I won the giveaway, I would put it towards the purchase of the GORGEOUS Cosmic Boucherouite Rug to replace the ruined rug I had to throw out. (found here:
    I just followed on instagram (@_styleasylum_). Great idea and thank you!!

  45. Just moved to a tiny NYC apartment and would love a rug to bring some more life to the space and create further separation between the bedroom area and the living room area!

  46. I just followed via @ispywhimsy. We are in the process of refinishing our bedroom… a Coco carpet rug would give it the pop of color and touch of whimsy it needs!!

  47. My bedroom! We just moved an it’s taking forever to get settled. Our hardwoods are naked still!

  48. I’m completing my graduate degree this year, and one of those rugs would really elevate my small studio!

  49. I love color and texture, and one of these beautiful carpets would shine in my happy little studio. I’d put it in my reading nook, with my burnt orange couch.

  50. These are the kind of rugs I want to curl my bare toes into when I wake up in the morning–so definitely the bedroom!
    Thanks for the chance and xoxo

  51. Oh, we are moving into a new house, military housing, and one of these beauties could help to boost my temp housing into feeling more like a home!

  52. hooray for beautiful rugs! Our brand new nursery could use this added touch, or we can selfishly keep for our own bedroom πŸ™‚

  53. I desperately need a rug to go in my living room. I moved in a year ago to our new house and we have been searching for the perfect rug at the perfect price point ever since. Winter is coming and we need something warm and comfy under our feet before it gets too cold!

  54. the bare floor in my living room is calling for a rug with a great pattern. Thanks for a great give-away!

  55. Just followed! hoping to replace the annoying rug that always wrinkles up in the living room with a sturdier one! love these! πŸ™‚

  56. Oh this is an amazing giveaway! I just followed them on insta. If I won I would put my new rug in my living room! πŸ™‚

  57. I followed! I’d put it in my dining room, under the brand new dining room set I just ordered in my first home!

  58. If I given the opportunity, I would place the rug in the living room on the stone tiled floor in our apartment. We spend the majority of our time in the living room and our first baby has been increasingly mobile. This would really help in keeping him off the cold floor during the cold winters and help cushion any falls. It would also brighten up our home since we cannot paint the beige walls.

  59. Followed! Their rugs would look amazing in our bedroom; the hardest part would be deciding between them all.

  60. I would put my new rug on display in my colorful living room πŸ™‚ We have a blue ombre wall and I know that a CoCo Carpet rug would make the room pop perfectly! xoxo

  61. In absolute love with these! I’d put one in my daughters room. She’s a color lover like me and she loves decorating, although she’s only almost 4! lol Like mother like daughter!

  62. I know this may sound weird but I’m actually thinking about filling the floor space in my kitchen.

  63. I would pair one of these with my orange mid-century sofa! A fun and colorful rug with lots of personality would go perfectly with it!

  64. my new, very bare room, in LA! I want to make it as cozy as my parent’s home back in england

  65. Just followed! I would put it in my living room so my three month old baby has a soft place to roll over.

  66. We just moved, and a Coco Carpet rug would look amazing near our front entrance! I love the neutral background with small pops of colors that some of the rugs have! <3

  67. Obsessively shopping for living room rugs right now! The old one has suffered too many cat claws and spills, plus it’s pretty boring.

  68. Definitely in our sewing room/office that needs a nice pop of color on the floor! Love these rugs.

  69. Done!
    These rugs are so lovely!
    I would put it in my living room in front of the fire place.

  70. I’d get to throw out our ugly monochromatic gray rug and replace it with a beauty for our living room!

  71. Either the nursery for my little girl or as a show stopper in my currently under construction kitchen!

  72. I’d put my new rug in the bedroom so I can wake up to more joyous colors every day! (Followed on insta, @ryethoughts)

  73. I would LOVE a rug from Coco Carpets for my master bedroom! I have been on the hunt for months to find something within my teacher budget.

  74. Absolutely love these rugs!! so wish I could get one for my Living room…have been hunting one for the past 4 months! fingers crossed!

  75. My living room needs this. And my bedroom. And my kids rooms! But if it wasn’t possible for the carpet to tour our home, then my living room it is!

  76. Just moved and now we have this huuuuge downstairs “rec room” which we’re planning on using as my office (I’m in grad school), a small yoga/ exercise area, and partly some shelves with storage. A beautiful rug would really help break the space up and make a smaller office for me in the bigger room! Love coco rugs (I just discovered them, but am already enthralled).

  77. These rugs are incredible. I’d love to put that Garden Gate rug front and center in my living room! I always feel like I’m searching for the right rug, and I never fall in love with anything. I figured it was just because I’m not knowledgeable about rugs, but for the first time I actually see one that gives me that need-to-have feeling! I’d love to win this πŸ™‚

  78. Beautiful! Would put it in my living room that we are in the midst of redoing. Love it and your blog!! Just followed Coco Carpets!!

  79. I would put one of these CocoCarpet rugs under our new dining table because it looks sad on top of our plain old carpet.

  80. We’re planning to take up the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors in our living room and I would love a Coco Carpets rug to go in there!

  81. My husband and I got married a year ago and decided to stay with family until we can save enough to move out on our own. We are moving out soon and going to have our own place for the first time. I love this rug and would either put in my new living room or bedroom.

  82. In my craft room! I’m trying to make it a fun, cozy space, and a vintage-inspired carpet would be perfect!

  83. My hubby and I just moved back to Los Angeles and we’d love a rug for our new living room πŸ™‚

  84. Just followed Coco Carpets! What eye candy!
    I’d love a gorgeous rug for my living room. After purchasing a house last Christmas and tirelessly renovating it for the last 3/4 of a year, it’s been a relief to finally put finishing touches in every room. We have so much more work to do, but a carpet in our main hub, the living room, would be the icing on the cake after all the hard work my husband and I have done!

  85. Love the bright colors so so much! I’d probably put one in my bedroom or living room. Perfect for warming up hardwoods during the cold winter nights!

  86. I recently moved from SF back home to Ohio to be closer to my family. My hubs and I have been renovating a Georgian foursquare and we’re soooo close to getting to the fun part – decorating! A coco carpet rug would be amazing in any room, but would especially love it in our guest bedroom!

  87. Our “carpets” are basically a bunch of sample carpet tiles taped together! It will be awesome to have real one for any of the rooms!

  88. This is your most exciting give away ever! Bright Berber rugs are my absolute favorite. I’d put one in my living room and brighten and update the whole look.

  89. We just sold our city rowhome in Philadelphia and are moving into a 100-year-old Victorian. We’ll be living through the full renovation and one of these rugs would really be a bright spot amongst crumbling plaster and water-stain hardwoods!

  90. Would put this in my room for sure, with longer term visions of putting it in a living room once I get my own house. What beautiful pieces!

  91. Just followed them on Instagram! I would put it on my studio, I’m working there 12 hours per day and I would want a beautiful piece like this to make me company and keep me cozy!

  92. I would put a new rug in our master bedroom. We have hardwood floors so a rug would make getting out of bed on a cold winter morning a little easier πŸ™‚

  93. This is like the 5th coco carpet’s giveway i’ve entered. i’m pining for things beyond my budget. lol!

  94. I would put the rug in our bedroom – we’re currently using a really old (and too small!) one so we’re in need of an update!

  95. Followed! I need a new rug in my living room so badly! The second hand traditional maroon monstrosity I inherited from my mom just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  96. Our family room carpet is dying to be replaced . And our dinning room could certainly use some help. A rug like this would be peeerfect! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES lol πŸ™‚

  97. Just finished renovating and getting brand new hardwood floors. I would put this in the new open space family room area!

  98. Close to my desk! It would such an inspiration while I’m designing during the day. Love the pattern play.

  99. Ooh! Lovely rugs! Currently decorating a nursery for a baby girl (after 3 boys!). I could have so much fun with one of those rugs!

  100. Easy — I’d put one of these quirky, bright carpets in my sunroom to brighten up the space. Love them!

  101. love! i just moved in with my boyfriend and we’re working on our joint office/studio/guest room – it was hard to pin down a style that worked for both of us, but we just landed on a moroccan look and one of these rugs would SO tie the room together!

  102. These rugs are gorgeous! I just got my first real office space as a small business owner and one of these would just be perfect!

  103. These carpets are gorgeous! I’d love to have one in my living room, it’d be an amazing statement piece.

  104. a guest (who we now don’t really like for other, unrelated reasons) spilled beer on our white living room rug and didn’t bother to clean up so we’ve had this stained rug for over 2 years! would love to replace it.

  105. These rugs are beautiful!!!! I recently moved in with my sister and a new rug would be the final touch for my new bedroom!

  106. Front and center in our new house! The perfect floor coverage for our 10 month old to learn to walk on….

  107. I’m really into the layered rug and carpet look, so this would go in our bedroom over our neutral carpet!

  108. Berbers are purely the best carpets in the world!
    Reminds me of my childhood. πŸ™‚
    My parents had one and we kids just played for hours on it – as it was so comfy.
    I would place the carpet right beside my beloved sofa – so I can decide to sit either on the sofa or on the carpet πŸ™‚ – and relax.

  109. Following! I need a rug for my bedroom, but i’m thinking i’d put one of these in the living room instead, because they would brighten everything up!

  110. Gorgeous rugs! I’m dreaming of a nice long runner for our hallway. We have concrete floors so a rug would warm our tootsies all winter long!

  111. I’ve been looking for a colorful rug for our nursery! I’m due 12/12 and I’m already in nesting mode. Can’t wait for my sweet baby James to arrive!

  112. Followed! I would put it in our family room. I would love to add more color to our family room and enjoy it most of the day. Guests would love it as well! Thanks!

  113. I want to add more rugs to our apt, especially the area between our kitchen and living, for my almost 1 year old. He’s learning to walk and taking a good amount of spills. Also today is my bday πŸ™‚

  114. I’d add the rug to the area b/w my kitchen and living room. My son is learning how to walk and taking a good amount of spills so we need more rugs (aka padding) around.

  115. Beautiful rugs! I would love to add one to my bedroom to brighten up the dreary, gray, Pittsburgh winter that is just around the corner.

  116. My fiancΓ© and I are moving into our new place next month, and its all hardwood floor. I’m hoping to add a pop of color and coziness to our living room!:)

  117. Oh My GOODNESS! These rugs are GORGEOUS! I LOVE the bright HAPPY pops of color. I am in the process of opening my first Art Studio business and I would put my new Coco carpets in my office!!! Fingers crossed! I NEED IT!!!

  118. I would love a new rug for our bedroom! Every other room always gets nice things, but our room is always sad and neglected.

  119. Just followed! My bedroom has old hardwood floors and is in desperate need for an upgrade!

  120. I’d love to add a gorgeous carpet to my tiny studio here in the Netherlands – it would go perfectly with the blankets I brought back from Morocco!

  121. Right in the entry of our 1910’s Craftsman home! My children are finally to the age that I could use a beautiful piece and not ruin it! These pieces are amazing and would look stunning on our restored hardwoods.

  122. That Southwest Soiree rug is stunning, would love any of these rugs to spice up the living room in my apartment!

  123. My bedroom! I like my bedroom to be an oasis to escape to and this will add that bit of coziness and luxury that it needs!

  124. A delicious Coco would be perfect for our music pad. It would be serenaded all day long with its colourful joy joining the chorus!

  125. My husband and I are signing a lease for our first place together and I would super super love to put one of these beauties in our bedroom!

  126. I love these carpets, I have a few in my home and need one more to complete the space, so I’d put mine in my guest bedroom that I’m currently changing around. Beautiful, Joy!

  127. These are stunning rugs! I’m obsessed! Would love to have one of these to jazz up my little ones nursery! ?

  128. I absolutely love vintage pieces. I would love a Coco rug for my nursery for my new baby girl. We are hand picking and upcycling pieces and a Coco rug would be a lovely addition!

  129. I’d love such warm & fluffy rug for my mid-century corner with 2 lounge chairs and drinks cabinet. Fingers crossed!

  130. This would be a great focal point and inspiration into finally getting around to decorating our guest room!

  131. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win this rug! I’m soon to be an empty nester (youngest will be headed to college) – I would be so over-joyed (:-)) to win a new carpet for my bedroom. It would be such a treat!

  132. Perfect timing! My daughter has an allergy to our current rug so we’ve been searching. We need it for our living room. I just love when design and nature can work in harmony (get something pretty to look at without the sneezing) xo

  133. I would love a rug for our couch/coffee table area or in my studio! Both rooms echo like crazy, and with a barking dog, it drives me insane. A rug would help πŸ™‚

  134. Love love love! Would be able design around the cool new rug I would try it in living room entry way or even bedroom hope I win !!!

  135. I would love a rug for my bedroom! We are trying to make our apartment cute and right now the best room by far is my daughter’s!

  136. I am torn between play room and my son’s new big boy room… but either would be beautiful πŸ™‚

  137. Woohoo! Amazing! I’d put one of these gorgeous rugs in the living room — a bright and cheery one that’s soft on the toesies.

  138. This comes at the perfect time for me- I just moved and I have a giant bare spot right at the foot of my bed that is crying out for a rug. One of these rugs would be perfect for that spot!

  139. Today is my birthday! I’ve followed Coco carpets since you first introduced us to them! I would obviously put a new rug in my NEW BABY’S ROOM!!!!!!

  140. I’ve been wanting a rug for my living room apartment!! Such an awesome giveaway!!

  141. Following! Would love one for my bedroom! Needs some beautiful colors and dressing up!

  142. Already following cococarpets. I would love to win a lovely rug to brighten my living room!

  143. First of all, thank you for hosting this incredible giveaway! I’ve been in love with coco carpets forever but can’t ever afford one so I’m crossing my fingers! I would put mine in my living room, which is the most used room in my space. It would definitely brighten it up!

  144. I’m so in love with these rugs!!! I just moved to park slope, BK. Never thought I would live in NY! I would put it in my den (which looks out at brownstones through the window). So the rug has a lot of passersby to enjoy. These rugs deserve sunlight touching their loomed threads!
    I will cherish it forever!

  145. I love coco carpets!! we are putting bamboo floors in but need some sort of rug in the living room. This would be amazing!!!

  146. Hey Joy! I’ve been following Coco carpets for awhile now, their colorful rugs really speak to my soul! If I won that rug I’d put it in my living room. It would really liven up my space and put a smile on my face during the long Minnesota winter

  147. I’d love it for my daughter’s room! All the bright colors and patterns, not to mention that she was born in he Middle East, would be perfect for her!

  148. It’s been my dream to have one of these carpets one day! I would put the carpet front and center in my living room to cover up the dull rental carpeting I have now.

  149. I have four beautifully polished Victorian turned mahogany stool legs tipped with ceramic castors waiting patiently to meet their ideal upholstery match – a gorgeously tactile Coco rug would be utterly, colourfully perfect!

  150. These rugs are a work of art, and putting them beneath my feet would not do them justice. It’s going on my wall, baby! #workofcARTpet

  151. I would love a rug in the living room of our new place! It will definitely take center stage in the space where our friends and family will gather.

  152. I would put one of these beautiful rugs (that I’ve been oohing and aahing over for months now!) in my living room to brighten it up! They are beautiful!

  153. Oooh! This is so lovely. We’re dreaming of a new carpet in our livingroom. Would be amazing!

  154. One day, I’ll have one in every room! But have been on the hunt for a rug for my living room to tie the room together. Thank you for the chance!

  155. I’m a weaver, and have recently started to explore the world of carpets & rugs. I stumbled across coco carpets and was immediately drawn to traditional Moroccan style and the amazing colors. I would love a rug for my bedroom and I’m sure over the years it will change rolls from carpet to wall hanging and back to carpet traveling all over the house.

  156. My husband and I are looking for our first home together. I would love one of these rugs in our living room! We love them!

  157. Dying to put one of these beauties in my living room! It’s in desperate need of a pop of color πŸ™‚

  158. Ahh I love Coco Carpets & have been lovin’ their Instagram for a long time! I’ve been dreaming of adding one of their carpets to my apartment … one would complete my living room revamp! xo

  159. Dying!! I would put this rug in our living room. Sure could use some love. I love coco carpets! I only wish I could afford one of their amazing rugsβ™‘ Thank you for the opportunity Joy!

  160. I already follow @Cococarpets and I’m so in Love with there carpets?
    “Color me happy” is my mantra and I would love some color and magic on my livingroom floor.
    ( @frokenturkos )

  161. OH I love cosmic girl …so simple yet colorfully pops out! I would put them in my living room next to the sofa……I have been wanting to add a rug there..with two little ones rugs are so great for family time on the floor! Right now..we have yoga mats and a thin mattress pad there as a makeshift padded area…very ..not chic heh

  162. these are so beautiful. i’d place mine in my bedroom or living room, depending on the color i choose. thanks for the giveaway!

  163. I would put a new rug in our front room with the piano and hopefully get around to recovering the chair in there as well!!

  164. I would love to put one in my baby boy’s room! We recently moved into this house and am still in the middle of unpacking and decorating our new place. I’d love to have Jackson crawl and play on one of these rugs!!

  165. We just moved to our first house last week and we are in the process of decorating. I would put he rug in our living room to really brighten up the place.
    PS: I have been eying there rugs for a while now.

  166. It would get a nice place in our living room. The colors are so bright and a great combination for my husband, who is more down to earth and me, who can not get enough of bright colors!!!!

  167. My girls bedroom is full of bright fun colors & one of these rugs would look SO perfect in there! What an awesome giveaway!

  168. Hey, these rugs have my name on them so they’re made for me, right! I’d love to put one of these in our living room, which is mostly monochrome and could do with a pop of colour and texture. And of course it would keep our tootsies nice and cosy!

  169. 1 week ago, we moved into our new space. It is sooo beautiful w dark wood floors but definitely needs a rug to cozy it up for the upcoming cold winter. We’ll put this in the main seating/ living room area!!
    Allie from Cleveland

  170. It would definitely go in my living room, so when I have friends and family over they could appreciate it as much as I do! (And hopefully it would continue its journey into a studio space when I have one so clients could enjoy it too!)

  171. I’ve been following them for a while, the rugs are just beautiful! I’m in the middle of a bedroom refresh that is begging for a soft moroccan beauty!

  172. Oh my goodness these are stunning! I am about to move and would absolutely love to put one of these gorgeous rugs in my new living room.

  173. oh my goodness these are stunning! I am about to move, and I would absolutely love to put one of these gorgeous rugs in my new living room!

  174. What a wonderful opportunity.
    Pride of place in my living room!
    Beautiful beautiful rugs x

  175. I would put it either in my bedroom or living room in my brand new, very first house we just bought! I need rugs, abd they’re expensive abd we spent all our $ on the house!

  176. I love color and this beauty would go gorgeously in my living room and bring all my favorite colors together!

  177. Following, I would like to have this rug for our entrance room so that it will be the first thing my guests will see when they enter our house!

  178. I’m currently in the process of turning the shed in my backyard into an art studio/slash getaway spot. I would love to pair a rug from Coco Carpets with the white walls and rafters in my studio for a minimalistic look with just the right pops of color!

  179. I would love to add a rug to my living room — it’s desperately in need of some color magic!

  180. I would love a cool rug for our bedroom! It’s the only room in the house without a rug and we’d especially like one for the winter months.

  181. i would add one of these luscious carpets to the nursery i’m getting ready to start putting together.

  182. Our family of four, 2 boys, my hubs and I, just moved to Manhattan living in 700 sq ft. This rug and it’s pops of color would be perfect for our living room/bedroom/kitchen/office (all the same room). It would bring some much needed serenity into our tiny space. Pretty please ?

  183. I just moved into my first apartment and have had cococarpet dreams for ages! I would love to put this beautiful work of carpet joy into my living room and pair it with a navy sofa.

  184. I followed! We’re doing some work in our kitchen/family room area. I’m looking for a new rug to freshen up the area.

  185. This is amazing present!! I’ll put in our living room so my twins can seat on these gorgeous rug and play.

  186. Moving from CA to MO last year I’m trying to warm up my hard wood floors for the cold winter approaching!

  187. I am just about to put wood floors in my living room and one of these amazing rugs will fit in just fine!

  188. Love love love these rugs! I’ve been on the hunt for one for so long! I would proudly display it in the family room of my new house we’re building in Columbia, SC for all of my favorite people to see. Please please please pick me!

  189. I’d love to find a fun rug for my one year old’s new room, he’s been rooming with us the past year and will have his own space come December!

  190. I would use it to brighten up my tiny NYC studio apartment- I’ve had an outdoor rug from home depot for YEARS! time for an upgrade πŸ™‚

  191. I just moved out here after living my whole life on the East Coast. I want to make a really warm and inviting guest bedroom so that my friends and family feel really cozy when they come out to visit and one of these rugs would be the perfect touch.

  192. I’ve been a long-time admirer of Coco rugs, and could really use one for our future master bedroom that’s currently a gust room until our kids get older.

  193. I would love one of these gorgeous colorful carpets for my new home. I’ve just moved back from living overseas for 4 years and I own nothing so this would be a great treat to start me new life with.

  194. Wow, we need a new rug for ours living room. It would bè perfect tout have a coco carpets. Thanks for this awesome give away

  195. We are starting to put together our nursery and one of these rugs would be PERFECT.

  196. I was already following them from a previous post of yours. I’d love one of these beautiful rugs for our office!

  197. Following!
    Wow are those beautiful.
    Just repainted the living room with some bright color and am looking for gorgeous textiles to add more pop.

  198. I’m looking for rugs for my family room & my master bedroom right nose, so it will go in one of those rooms!

  199. The bedroom! Just re did most of it and it needs something bright to accent the rest of the colors. πŸ™‚

  200. In my new to me trailer home!! I am updating a 2006 travel trailer to be a house for my partner and I. The wallpaper and tapestries are deplorable and must be removed!! A beautiful rug will really make the space . I will be working/designing from this home so having an inspiring surrounding will be so helpful in such an alternative living situation. I can just imagine…!!!!

  201. I would love for a new snazzy new rug for my living room. It will put a huge smile on my face when I’m come home from a longs days work to relax.

  202. One of these cozy rugs would completely transform our living room space! And it gets cold up here in Maine in the winter!

  203. I would put one of these gorgeous rugs in our baby’s room. I am expecting my first baby in February, and I would love to outfit the nursery with a CocoCarpet!

  204. I absolutely LOVE these unique carpets and have been following and hoping one day I can put one in our family room!

  205. OMG we need this rug. We just put our two little boys (1&3) into the same room (we live in a 2bed apt). It is too loud in there, we need a bigger carpet in there!

  206. I’d love this rug in my condo’s living room. We have new baby coming, and he would love to crawl around on this!

  207. will be moving to a new house in the next couple of months so a new carpet would be a lovely addition!!

  208. My living room!!! I have a huge crush on pink and the pop of pink in this gorg rug
    would look dreamy in my living room!!! ??

  209. Have been following cococarpets for a while now and lusting after one of their rugs for my living room to go perfectly with the modern brown leather couch i just got!!!

  210. These rugs are gorgeous! I’d put one in my family room and another in my hallway, and another in my bedroom….too many spots to just pick one!

  211. I’m in love with these rugs <3 My 90s bedroom is in a need of an upgrade and one of these beauties would fit right in πŸ˜‰

  212. These carpets are gorgeous! I have a 3yo boy and expecting a girl in late January – we love to travel to unique places and I would love to have a Moroccan rug for her nursery!!

  213. I’d spice up my boring brown renters carpet in my living room with one of these beauties!

  214. I would update my tired rug in my living room and give it a new life of gorgeous color!!!! Thanks

  215. I’m feeling a bit drab at the moment and need to find my Joy so I would choose a beautiful bright fun
    Coco Carpet Rug for my bedroom to remind me to Choose Joy every day.

  216. My family needs a new rug for our living room! We have been using the same rug from ikea for five years! Please pick me!

  217. I recently left my full time job to pursue a career in illustration, and I’m looking for some beautiful and inspiring pieces for my studio space in my apartment!

  218. My living room! We have a large L shaped living room, and we have a large beige rug in the main space. But it needs some personality!

  219. We’re renters in the Bay Area, it’s so hard to make a rental really feel like home!! I’d love to put one of these either in my living room or at my little beauty studio! The studio has the cutest little beach vibe that these rugs would totally jive with ☺️??.

  220. We jusy bought our first home and although we have moved in, we have been scouring the internet searching for great rugs to make our living room cozy, artsy, and filled with joy. Oh how a coco could do that!!!

  221. I’m feeling drab at the moment and need some extra Joy. I would put one of these beautiful Coco Carpets in my bedroom so each morning I would wake up and know to Choose Joy.

  222. Oh I’ve been obsessed with this carpet since you posted it. Would love for our living room!

  223. These rugs are spectacular! I love the gorgeous colors. Would really love to win one!

  224. This would be so huge. We just moved into a new house and need two rugs and are trying to watch our spending. I would so happily put this rug in what we’re calling our reading room! πŸ™‚

  225. These rugs are gorgeous!!!! Just bought a new home with hardwood floors throughout so EVERY SINGLE ROOM needs a rug! These rugs are so colorful though, so probably my daughter’s whimsical room!

  226. My living room which needs some love and character….and I have been wanting one of these rugs for some time now but it has never been in the budget so this would be wonderful!

  227. Oh how I would love one of these – it would look beautiful in our rustic modern home!

  228. A recent newlywed, mother and homeowner and in need of a pretty little thing in our empty living room! We would love to win a rug! xoxo

  229. I’d love to place the rug under my new loft bed! I painted my room black and my loft is black so I’d love a pop of color! xoxo

  230. Oh what an awesome giveaway! We are finally retiring my mother-in-law’s old couches and would love a cozy Coco carpet to go with our new couch and brighten up our basement tv room.

  231. I’d put my rug in my new office space, to protect my floor from the wheels of my chair – and for a gorgeous pop of colour!

  232. I followed! Love the joy that this rug would bring to our new home once my fiancΓ© and I move in together when I join him in California (I’m in NY now). I would put it in our living room so all our guests can enjoy it! -Lisa

  233. Love love love Coco Carpets! ?
    My hubs and I would put our new, colorful rug in our living room! Always wanting to add more color to our space!

  234. These rugs are sunshine to my soul!!! It would go in my bedroom so it would be the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes!!!!?

  235. I would use the rug in my nursery. A big fluffy rug would be perfect for my soon to be born little one.

  236. 1. I definitely missed these rugs when I went to Morocco! 2. The bright orange and pinks on these rugs are the perfect compliment to my living room decor. Definitely need to check out this brand.

  237. Following them! My living room floor has been so lonely since we’ve moved to our place. So this pretty baby will def do it some good hahaha.

  238. After almost 6 years living in tiny apartments in NYC, we moved cross the country and are building a house. We will actually have a family room! Would love a gorgeous rug for it.

  239. I would put it in our bonus room which is a work in progress and has an unfinished concrete floor !! ?????

  240. Ah! I love coco carpets! I’m moving to Los Angeles from my hometown of Pittsburgh this month and am looking for a rug to cover the polished concrete floors in my new live/work space!

  241. I’d have to put this beauty up on the wall. A work of art, is must be visible to all. The colours and textures to delight and inspire, staring up at it daily would never tire. Alas, only a dream that is too pricey you see, that’s why I’ve entered this competition so please choose me!

  242. These rugs are gorgeous! I have dreams of rug and pillow shopping in the markets of Marakkech. Moroccan. I’d love one for my living room or kids’ room!

  243. I love these rugs so much!!! I would definitely keep this rug in my living room where everyone could enjoy it!!

  244. Love the vibrant color of the rug! It makes me miss Morocco so much! My son is going to love it in the living room!

  245. I love love love all of these rugs!! I am just dying to replace my bedroom rug. My whole bedroom is just neutrals right now and it’s in desperate need for some color!

  246. Followed! I would put it in my bedroom which is in a desperate need to be brightened up!

  247. I’ve been stalking their account for inspiration for a while now. Every piece is absolutely stunning, I’d be honored to have one! Xoxo

  248. My husband would want it in the nursery, but I want it in our room. Our room is not nearly inviting enough.

  249. So beautiful! The roomie and I just moved into a new apartment and our floors need some rug love.

  250. I went to Morocco this year and was mesmerized by the carpets and shoes and spices and everything else in the souks. I spent hours obsessing over the Berber carpets while drinking Moroccan tea. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to bring one back with me and so I’d truly love to be able to have one of my own at my house. I’d love to put it in my bedroom- I just moved back to Washington, DC after a year working abroad and want my room to represent all the different parts of the world that I’ve seen and am dying to seen.

  251. I have been dreaming of a morrocan rug for our new living room and home in Nashville. I’ve spent countless hours searching on websites for the perfect one and swooning over ones I can’t afford. It would be a dream to add such a beautiful piece into our home that tells a story!

  252. Just followed – would love to have a rug to sprawl out on in our new place while we continue the search for a couch! ?? @lifeoncoffee

  253. I’m moving in with my boyfriend and desperately need something PRETTY to offset the black/red monochrome decor!

  254. In front of my fireplace! I need something to anchor my two new chairs! We just moved to the East Coast and our wood floors are going to be cold this winter!!!

  255. I just purchased my first home for myself – it could definitely use some good rug juju!!

  256. This post comes at the perfect time as I’m leaving for Morocco on Friday and have been ogling over these gorgeous rugs for weeks! My husband and I just moved and would be so happy to have one of these beauties in our bedroom.

  257. Gorgeous rugs! I’ve been eyeing them for awhile now-want to put in my newly renovated master bath! Whoever wins is a very lucky winner!

  258. The most beautiful rugs and colors ive been dreaming of for my living room in my brand new tiny house! ?

  259. These rugs are so beautiful! I’d love to put one in the living room of my apartment my freshly minted husband and I share!

  260. I’d be tempted to put it in my bedroom but I think the family room would be a better place to show it off. Can’t keep a rug like that hidden away!

  261. I’d put this in my “dancing room”! That’s what I call the middle room between the kitchen and living room, for obvious reasons. Would be a fabulous addition!

  262. With all that life has thrown us, we have never decorated our master bedroom. 11 years of marriage, 3 beautiful children, 1 kidney transplant, 1 round of radiation, 9 surgeries a, ”
    Graduate school, full time jobs. They all take a lot of time. I often dream of a beautiful place of refuge. These rugs would create just that… incredible peaceful place that is HAPPY! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. These rigs are so dreamy.

  263. Could totally use one of these fabulous Coco Carpets in my new apartment @ oh Joy! In the meantime, ill be day dreaming of morocan rugs ?

  264. I have been following them since you got your first rug and dreaming of one for our bedroom.

  265. I would put the rug in my bedroom so in the morning my feet won’t be cold as I get out of bed since winter is almost here!

  266. Please oh please oh please oh please, let me win a coco rug for my daughters’ room!

  267. I would for sure put it in our family room where my three kiddos husband and I could play on laugh on cry on and where all our friends and family that would come over could see as well. The colors are so vibrant and lush I just love it and always a sucker for something that’s my daughters name, Coco.

  268. Moving into our first house! Left Brooklyn, NY for Cleveland, OH so our kids can be near our families. Dreamy rug is my dream!!

  269. I would love to put a new colorful rug in my Baby Girls (IrishTwins) room. The room is a wonder land full of Indian and Moroccan hints and oh so beautiful and vibrant colors. All we need to finish the room is one of your amazingly perfect rugs! Xo

  270. My husband of three years and I are getting ready to purchase our first home! I couldn’t think of a better way to start the decorating process than with a beautiful rug! We are SO excited to decorate (ok maybe mostly just me?) a space that is ALL OURS! (Finally!) ?

  271. My sweet Harlow Pearl would get this in her playroom. Bright colors to inspire adventure and imagination and of course match all of the Oh Joy goodies we have from Target. Fingers crossed hard for this one!!!

  272. I would place one of these beauties in my little sunroom, otherwise known as mama’s sanctuary. It’s the only room in my apartment off limits to my toddler, which also means it’s the one place I could risk having an heirloom rug.

  273. My bedroom, of course! I just painted my bedroom a luscious apricot color and I’d put the rug at the foot of my bed for a sensually pleasing touch under my barefeet every morning and night.

  274. Hi Joy! I love following you on instagram, you’re such a inspiration! We just opened a ceramic and painting studio in Florence South Carolina. I feel that the rug would fit into the studio perfectly! There’s a bohemian/modern feel to the studio; it’s totally weird but it would work well. Plus, we could tag photos for the “after” look!

  275. Oh my gosh, I would put one of these beautiful rugs in my living room. It is where I spend most of my time, so I would be able to admire it alot. Lol.

  276. My daughters nursery is missing a special something and a beautiful rug with a punch of color from coco carpets would be perfect!! ? Insta: @colltrugg

  277. Beautiful! I’d love one of these amazing rugs for the family room in our new place. πŸ™‚

  278. We need a nursery rug badly! We love this brand so much. Would be a dream to win one!

  279. Ooh baby! Well since having our first baby it’s become very obvious that the whole entire house is well… his playroom.
    This is particularly difficult for my husband and I because our house is tiny. As a Christmas surprise I am planning on re decorating our bedroom and turning it back into an adult space now that Cass is in his own bed.
    A new rug to replace the stained and tattered one would probably do the trick alone! Nothing better than crawling in and out of bed to the feel of a cozy rug <3

  280. These rugs are GORGEOUS. I don’t necessarily have a place in mind in my current home, but I live with roommates, so probably my room. But when I finish grad school, the plan is to get a house with my friends. We’re already excited by the decorating prospects (we love color!). The rug would no doubt go in our living room.

  281. Living room / home office – this would inspire me daily thinking of you and your amazing hustle and grind ✨??❀️

  282. Just delivered my 3rd child today! I would put the rug in my baby’s new nursery that desperately needs a rug!!

  283. Swooning! Our family room has had a baby play mat front and centre for too long. Would so love an update. Such a beautiful giveaway!

  284. Gorgeous rugs!!!! Love the colors and texture. Would love one of these beauties in my home or office. Following Coco Rugs on IG!

  285. Would LOVE a new rug for our living room (toddler did a number on the one we have now ;))

  286. Loft life is not complete without one of these–I want it, I need it! And just wait until you see how it’ll tie the whole space together. Beautiful, very fab rugs. Love them!

  287. oh my goodness! I would love to put one of these beautiful rugs in my living room and get rid of my old dingy one haha

  288. I’m already following them on Insta. L O V E their rugs so much. If I was super lucky to win I would put it in my master bedroom. The bedroom needs a little sunshine magic makeover.

  289. My sweet sister has been remodeling her place on her own for months. I’d put any of these rugs in her home! I know she would loouve it!

  290. I would love to put a rug in my bedroom! Expecting a new baby in a few months and would be nice to have a nice rug under my feet for those middle of the night nursing sessions πŸ™‚

  291. Would Love Love LOVE one of these rugs for my newborns nursery room
    Which is Morrocan inspired, how perfect!

  292. These rugs remind me of the ones in my childhood home. My dad traveled all over the world for his job and brought home rugs from the places he visited. It left our house cozy and colorful! I would love to do the same in my home. Would put this rug in my living room so friends and family could enjoy it with me!

  293. We just moved into a 2 bedroom apartment from a 5 bedroom house… downsizing hasn’t been fun, but redecorating is! Hoping to win one of these beauties and spruce up our new nest. Their rugs are so beautiful!

  294. I love Coco carpets and have been following them for a while. I would put the rug in my bedroom of our brand new apartment! There’s honestly not a room that it couldn’t go in!

  295. Being an Asian-American girl, our parents have a certain expectation that we will live with them until married. Therefore, it was one of the toughest decision to convince my parents to let me move out on my own. They finally agreed so I am in a new city, with a new job, in a new apartment. It does feel a bit lonely being in a new city on your own so I want to make my apartment feel like “home” as best possible. Right now, it’s missing quite a few things but having a lovely rug to start with won’t be too shabby!

  296. Hola! I’m in awwww ???? of your rugs! You are so talented. I’m a 30 year old single lady here trying to survive and make a chic pad for myself. However wine, your AMAZING RUGS and decor is expensive and I’m on a budget. Please please please with a cherry on top pick me!

  297. Anything from the Coco carpets collection would fit in any room on my apartment. I love them so much!

  298. Any ofthese beauties would look great in our condo living room … it would definitely add some warmth to our concrete box! #fingerscrossed

  299. I would put my new rug in my crafting/office space. It needs a new pop of color and decor.

  300. Omg I want one of these so bad!! I need a carpet for my office and this would be amazing. We have a kilometer rug we bought in Kashmir and when we bought our new house last year we bought a vintage Moroccan rug that is in our living room. This carpet would be an amazing addition to our eclectic home full of our travel treasures!

  301. We moved into our new home about a year ago and I love it. But I miss the natural light of our old home. One of these rugs would really bring some brightness to our living room!

  302. These are stunning!!!! One of these in the bedroom would certainly help me start the day off well!

  303. These rugs!! ? If I was so fortunate to win one of these beauties, I’d put it in the space we live in most (the family room) to enjoy it together every time we gather there.

  304. Great rugs! I would put it in my baby girls nursery I am in the process of designing! xo

  305. what a spectacular giveaway! being a textiles major my heart gets all pitter patter-y for moroccan rugs and i’ve always always wanted one. the colors..the patterns..the textures -its all so good <3 being a new mama my spending budget usually goes towards buying goodies for my sweet boy (which i love doing) but this one would be all mine and it would live happily in my craft room!

  306. 1) love you and your OOTD videos on IG
    2) you have the cutest family
    3) I would have to say my bedroom. My bedroom is white with gold accents and is in desperate need of a pop of color!!

  307. I would put in my master bedroom so my kids wouldn’t get to ruin it as quickly. The red dirt of Kauai is no good for rugs. Haha! I’m going to believe I’ll win this and then maybe it will happen!

  308. I would put the rug in my living room! I’ve never had a rug in there because my husband is too cheap! ?

  309. These rugs are absolutely gorgeous!!! It would make my life to own one πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance.

  310. I would love to pick out one of these beautiful rugs for my living room in my first home sweet home!

  311. I have been YEARNING and saving for one of these rugs for so long!! I have a Pinterest board devoted to them and love the history of them! I would showcanea it in the living room of my tiny 1 bedroom // 500 sq ft apt I live in near campus with my husband and 15 month old daughter in Austin, Texas ??❀?

  312. In our entry room so it’s the first things visitors see and they’re like, “yeah, this crib has got it going on.” In this fictional scenario, people still use the word “crib”. And I tell them this is “where the magic happens” a la MTV Cribs.

  313. Hmm, I’d love a pretty rug for my brand new sweet baby’s nursery! Thanks for this contest opportunity ???

  314. I would put the rug in our son’s room. We adopted him from Uganda 2 years ago. The prints remind me of Africa. <3

  315. This rug would go beautifully in my children’s playroom, especially as winter approaches! It would add a much-needed warmth to our home!

  316. We’re buying our first house with a baby on the way and I would love to have this rug in our first home!

  317. These are so beautiful!!! I would put mine in my bonus room!!! It’s where we spend all of our time as a family

  318. Living room! We have a very undersized rug on a cold tile floor that the baby is currently crawling around on. I’d love for her to have something a little fluffier! Thanks for the giveaway!

  319. My husband and I just bought our first home and we want a beautiful rug for the living room. This rug will set the decor for the other items and wall colour. It all starts with a great rug!!

  320. Wow I love these! Did a tour of a rug-making studio in Turkey this summer and can really appreciate the work that goes into this!

  321. gahh so obsessed with these rugs! my bedroom could use a facelift and one of these rugs would be an incredible starting point!!

  322. I would put the carpet in my 4 year old daughter’s room because you are never too young to appreciate beautiful things and enjoy them.

  323. Please, please, please, please, please, and pleeeeeaaaase!! First year resident”s wife on a budget of rice and beans (ok… not true… mac n cheese and bananas) but ohhhh I love these rugs.

  324. Currently redecorating our living room and would love this as a beautiful enhancement.

  325. Just moved into an adorable 1960’s ranch style home–with some pretty industrial, homely carpet. We are renting, so a beautiful vintage rug would really brighten up our living room and would complement this sweet house. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to possibly win a dream rug!

  326. I’m redocorating my living room! Haven’t changed it in 6 years! I need new inspiration! Fingers crossed!

  327. I am obsessed with these rugs. I need a rug for my kids’ room but I would probably just keep it for myself.

  328. Oh how does dream of playing with my kiddos on suck a beautiful piece of art. I just bought a faux version and would love the real thing.

  329. These rugs are beautiful! Just moved into our apartment and our living room needs some color.

  330. I would love to hang the carpet as a tapestry on my walls to bring together all of the bright accents throughout the living room.

  331. We need a beautiful rug for the family/living room of our new home in Benicia, CA!!! After living in a rual small Hungarian village for the past 3.5 years we are looking to have more color and brightness in our daily life.

  332. Gorgeous Rugs. Most stylish ones I’ve ever seen. Hope my new baby can crawl on one of these soon!

  333. I would put an incredible coco rug in my bedroom or maybe my little gals nursery. Fingers crossed!!

  334. Never got to buy one of these when I went to Morocco this year, would love to brighten up my living room with it

  335. I need this for my home! It will add some personality to the earthy tones of my crate & barrel and pottery barn furniture!

  336. I’ll put the lovely rug in my bedroom. I’ve been trying to find the prefect rug. Thanks for opportunity. Following both on instagram

  337. I would put the rug in our living room to go with our awesome Banana sign Jesi Haack made for our wedding! πŸ™‚

  338. I’m enamored with these rugs! My first ever solo trip abroad was to Morocco while I was an Au Pair in Paris, and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. It would be so nice to have one of these rugs in my living room. Might make living in a walk-through New Orleans shotgun house a little more bearable πŸ™‚

  339. Beautiful! Our living room, office and bedroom would all fight for possible placement. Thinking maybe our home office would win.

  340. My bedroom! We desperately need a new rug, but I’ve been holding off until I found something perfect – and something from Coco Carpets would definitely be perfect for our space.

  341. Crossing my fingers I win one of these amazing rugs in my new apartment. It would add a ton of personality and life to my office.

  342. I love those!! We just moved to a new house in a new state leaving all of our extended families behind! ? I could use a little pick me up! And so could my bedroom! ?

  343. These rugs complete me. Well, they sure would complete my living room and well that’s practically the same!

  344. I live in an adorable 1940’s home and throughout the years it’s been through many, many changes along with the families who have resided here before us. Each family seems to have left their own decorative mark on the house and I’ve been keeping an eye out for a rug just like this, in these fun color palettes and lively patterns in an effort to help tie as many of these “marks” together as possible as a kind of tribute to the house’s history. These rugs are the perfect mix of quirky, stylish, vintage and yet somehow modern that I think will help pull our main “Florida Room” (sunroom) together, as it’s the first room people see upon entering out home. <3

  345. I would put one of these beautiful rugs in my bedroom that was remodeled 2 years ago and has been missing a colorful rug ever since!

  346. I practically squealed out loud when I saw this giveaway….what an awesome pairing! I have been following Coco Carpets for a while after seeing them at the Brimfield Antique Show and I absolutely love how fun and free spirited their pieces are. I’ve been on the hunt for a rug for my bedroom for FOREVER and I know one of these would put a smile on my face every morning!

  347. The *original wood floors* in my 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival are cold and need a cozy rug to warm them up!

  348. Would love one of these rugs to be a new addition to my home for when I move from NYC to LA.

  349. ? these rugs are to die for! I’ve been looking everywhere for a rug for my living room and these are just drool-worthy.

  350. We are in between houses and living with family right now…it’s killing me not having a space of our own ~ so I’d DEF put a new rug in our one room we are in to make it feel more like “us”! LOve these rugs and love giveaways! yay!!

  351. Recently moved–my living room could use a bit of warmth, especially as we anticipate winter!

  352. We’re having baby #2 and it would be so great to have a rug to make the space colorful and bright!

  353. This giveaway is so great! My husband and I just moved from Southern California to Portland, OR, and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect rug for our new place. Money’s tight, so this would be incredible. πŸ™‚

  354. I lost th Berber rug I purchased in Morrocco to a fire a few years ago… one of these rugs would be a wonderful replacement for my bedroom!

  355. I would LOVE a new living room rug! My sweet (most of the time) French bulldog ruined our beautiful rug by chewing on my lipstick – twice!

  356. I’d love this for my new apartment! I’m moving away from home to the city & one of these rugs would really tie my living room together! (:

  357. These are so beautiful! I would put it in my home office. I work from home making ecofriendly cards and prints. This would be amazing for inspiration!

  358. My old-school apartment is covered in old shag carpet – so I’d totally commit a faux pas and use the rug to cover the carpet in my living room!

  359. I’ve been obsessing over these rugs since I came across them a few months ago on instagram. I’d put one in our living room to warm up the cold tile. I especially love the unexpected pops of color!

  360. These Moroccan rugs are too die for and hope to furnish my home with one of these gems in my living room!! Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us all.

  361. I need a colorful rug for our playroom for my three daughters. One of these Coco rugs would be darling in there!

  362. They’re so beautiful! I would use them in my living room, I love color so much! Just looking at them makes me happy.

  363. I would love to put one of these in my reading nook! It would go great with my daybed!

  364. I love carpets! My beige nightmare apartment needs some color!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  365. I absolutely LOVE these rugs! I would love to put one in a new apartment, a first place all to myself! I really enjoy all the bright colors that these rugs have to offer, they make me so happy!

  366. I would love one for my bedroom, it feels so blah right now. It would make my bedroom and I really happy!

  367. These rugs are amazing! I would love one in the nursery for our rainbow baby coming next year.

  368. Live the colors in all these rugs! Would add so much warmth to my apartment with cold floors! Thanks oh joy for doing this giveaway πŸ™‚

  369. my husband is always reminding me we need COLOR in our home and one of these rugs would be PERFECTION!

  370. Omg! I may have to put it in my daughters room. She has the coolest room in the house because that’s where we spend all of our time!

  371. My living room so I can see it everydAy! πŸ™‚ I just love colors and Im a super fan of the coco carpets but with a baby cant afford one right now! πŸ™‚ yeiiiii

  372. In my dining room – Bern looking for the perfect piece and I spot SEVERAL perfect pieces!!

  373. Ahhh! I just moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend of six years and we’ve been DYING for a beautiful rug like this, however it’s not currently in our budget. Would loooove to win one! It would look perfect in our living room

  374. I would put the beautiful rug in my CLASSROOM LIBRARY so that the room will feel so much more welcoming, fun and of course… comfortable! I’d love to sprawl out with my students during read aloud time and enjoy learning & lounging!

  375. After moving home to my parents house to recover from a divorce, a Coco carpet sure would spruce up my childhood bedroom during this transitional phase… I die for the happy colors and beautiful patterns!

  376. I have been DREAMING of owning a rug from Coco Carpets forever! That rug would come with me anywhere I move (forever), but for now it would go in my living room, layered on top of my jute rug. Following under @petit_dejeuner

  377. This would go in my bedroom! It’d be the first thing my toes feel in the morning and would add a great pop of color to my room πŸ™‚

  378. After losing my Grandfather, my Beautiful, sweet, generous Grandmother just moved back from out of state. For the first time in her 78 years, she lives alone, and I would love to give her be gift of a beautiful and vibrant Coco Carpet Rug to bring some color and warmth to her new home!

  379. I just followed @cococarpets – my fiancΓ© and I just bough a house last month and we’ve been living in it through massive renovations. The entire place is covered in drywall/spackle dust and we had to throw away all of our area rugs because of water damage while windows were being replaced. Have been dreaming of a coco carpet since I saw your bedroom makeover!!!
    P.S. Your outfit of the day instastories are the highlight of my mornings.

  380. Love those gorgeous pops of neon pink! Me (and my cats) would love to snuggle up in one of these bad boys.

  381. a place for it to be seen and enjoyed. in the living room! would love to win! beautiful rugs can be so expensive. so this would be a dream!!

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  385. These are ah-mazing!!! I would put a new rug in my family room, I’m dying for something new to energize the room!

  386. I’d love one of your beautiful rugs for my living room. I’m a Colorado native and since the housing market has skyrocketed we’ve lived in 3 places in the last 3 years. All because landlords decided to sell. We are finally in a beautiful home with a great community and one of your rugs would be the cherry on top! Thank you for your consideration!

  387. Whoa Nelly, those are some beautiful rugs! They even managed to perk me up after falling into a facebook depression.

  388. Just started following! We just moved into a beautiful new home and we’d be honored to win such a fab rug! I curate craft gatherings around Chicago and I’m so excited to host one in my new home soon. What a beautiful addition to the setting a Moroccan style rug would be!

  389. My family room needs this! I have been on the hunt for the perfect rug to ask for for my birthday and I think I found it in this post!! BEAUTIFUL!

  390. My new apartment has a big room that I’m slowly but surely turning into the family and friends room. I’m building a big farmhouse table for games, treats, conversation, and laughs. The room is meant to house people and projects of all varieties, and the rug would help tie all the micellaneous fun together.

  391. Oh man! A Coco carpet would definitely go in my living room! It would be the perfect touch and a dream come true.

  392. Cute! Just followed, I would decorate my vanity corner/closet hallway with one of those beauties.

  393. We moved to a new place about a year ago and have been looking for the perfectly colorful and fluffy rug to complement our polished cement floors. One of these would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity ????

  394. I’ve been needing a rug for awhile and have been pining over these! Absolutely stunning and would really tie the room together and look awesome in my New York apt!

  395. I really love all of the magical carpets and my two lil girls will love them too! Pick us! Pleasssssssseeeeeeee BTW love all your work ❀️?????

  396. We would love this coco rug in our living room! I love the modern vintage vibe; it’ll go beautifully with the hairpin leg coffee table. And I must say, these rugs probably go perfectly with the new oh joy! pillows that are out right now!

  397. Omg! We would love a cococarpet in our living room of our new house! We’ve been looking around for one that we can afford, but they’re not nearly as magical as these! Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  398. I would love to put it in my bedroom! My father is originally from Morocco so it’ll bring some of my roots to our new house.

  399. I’d put one of these beauties in my living room of my newly renovated Hawaiian plantation style home

  400. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    I’d put this rug in our family living room. It definitely needs a pop of color.

  401. Front and center in my living room for all to see! An amazing rug like this would take my seating area to a whole new level ??

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