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dressing the team / vintage!

dressing the team / vintage

dressing the team / vintage

Inspired by our recent team trip to Palm Springs, today, we have a vintage-themed Dressing the Team! It all started when some of the girls in the office felt like they could never find anything when looking for vintage and asked me for advice. So all went to the Rosebowl Flea Market together last month, and I gave them some tips on how I shop for vintage and pulled pieces that could work for everyone…

dressing the team / vintage

Here’s the pile of loot we found at the flea market. Everyone took home their pieces for minor alterations (if needed) and put together their vintage outfits to show what cuts and styles worked best for each of us! The best part is…all of the vintage pieces ranged in price from $7-$25, and they’re so special and one-of-a-kind…

dressing the team / vintage

Angie, our designer, got the boldest and brightest color of all. Her Hawaiian vintage dress was so soft that she felt like she was wearing a cozy nightgown. Angie had said to me when we were shopping that she wouldn’t have initially picked the dress because she would worry it looked like a Halloween costume because it’s so bright. But I encouraged her to try it because the color was so, so good. Once she tried it on, she was convinced. Since she didn’t need to add any additional color, Angie paired her dress with gold flats and drop earrings.

The color was bold and made me feel I felt like I was glowing, in a good way. The cut was roomy and comfortable but didn’t feel like I was wearing a bag. I was originally hesitant about the puffy 3/4 sleeves, but I ended up really like them. The sleeves make the piece feel more special and something I can wear beyond summer.” —Angie

dressing the team / vintage

Jess, our crafting assistant, is wearing pants that were once a jumpsuit! I had found this awesome hot pink and white jumpsuit earlier this year at the flea market that I bought without trying on. Once I put it on at home, it was sadly too small. So I thought I could make it fit by turning it into pants instead. The pants looked so fun but were still just a size too small. So, I gave them to Jess since she’s a couple inches shorter than me—and I’m glad I did cause she rocks them! Jess paired her vintage jumpsuit-turned-pants with a Madewell chambray top and Madewell sandals.

“The high waist on these pants was great since I’m petite – it made my legs look longer! Wearing the pants with a more current, on-trend piece (off-the-shoulder top) helps to ground it a bit if you’re hesitant about committing to a head-to-toe vintage look.” —Jess

dressing the team / vintage

Julia, our Creative Producer & Stylist, found this flirty floral chiffon dress. The electric colors were a nice contrast to the flowy and sheer fabric. Perfect for wearing to a wedding or a date night out, Julia added some pink heels to her dress for that extra pop of color.

“I loved the length of this dress since I don’t love showing a ton of leg. And the high waist made it really flattering and easy to wear.” —Julia

dressing the team / vintage

Courtney, my Executive Assistant, found a simple sheath dress that was easy to wear with its fun ruffle accent on the front. Courtney wore her dress with floral earrings and nude heels. She also wears this dress to the Oh Joy office with sandals, and it’s a fun piece that works for both day and night!

“I would typically avoid buying these colors for my skin tone and to keep from standing out, but the vintage dress made it fun and light. And it turned out that I really liked it! Also, the ruffle detail was a nice accent if you’re fuller in the bust and want to cover up a bit.” —Courtney

dressing the team / vintage

Joy, that’s me! When I found this dress, I loved the neckline and triangle detail but not the white lace around the waist. But instead of writing it off, I inspected it and could tell the lace could come off easily with a seam ripper, so I went for it. I had the sides taken in a little while having the lace removed from the dress. For a fun dinner with the team, I added a gold vintage belt and pale blue heels.

We all went out to dinner together in our vintage pieces and felt so fun and colorful! And it was so cool to see everyone feeling so confident in vintage pieces that they might not have previously worn.

Some things the team learned about wearing vintage:

1. Take your time looking through the racks and fall in love with pieces based on their colors and patterns.

2. Don’t worry too much about the size, cut, style, or imperfections and flaws just yet. Most pieces can be fixed with simple alterations.

3. Don’t jump into it trying to find something specific, be open to surprising yourself with a cut or style you might not be looking for. 

4. Be bold in your vintage shopping, particularly if the price is right.

5. People love seeing others dressed in bright and retro prints—it’s an instant mood lifter.

{Photos by Casey Brodley at the Parker Palm Springs}


  1. These vintage finds are so beautiful and unique! You’re giving me the confidence to try some for myself.

  2. I really love the pattern play with Jess’s outfit. I KNOW I could pull off your adorable dress, Joy! It’s effortless + flirty! Beautiful selection for everyone! Thank you for the helpful tips on finding vintage items.

  3. just goes to show the timeless quality of these patterns/prints and how well made things can withstand many generations and still be chic! Bravo!

  4. Im definitely someone who needs to add more color in my life and I’m constantly inspired by all the fun and creativity of the Oh Joy team! Love you guys!!

  5. I love this post! I actually recently bought a vintage sequin dress that needs to be altered. Could you recommend a good tailor in LA, preferably on the west side or South Bay?


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