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a “welcome neighbor” gift…

a "welcome neighbor" gift!

a "welcome neighbor" gift!

These days we are all so virtual that I often miss those real life interactions with people around us. I love my neighborhood and remember being so surprised and delighted when I first moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago when a new neighbor stopped over and brought figs from her tree as a welcome. It was so thoughtful and a true in-person connection that meant so much! Today, we’ve collaborated with State Farm to share a fun way to welcome a new neighbor…

According to the State of Neighbors survey conducted by State Farm, 75% of people say it is important to welcome new neighbors but only 41% of neighbors say they were actually welcomed! It can be so easy (and fun!) to welcome a new family to the neighborhood so today, we wanted to help you do just that with our pre-designed Neighborhood Guide template you can download. Include the guide with our inspiration for a "Welcome Neighbor" basket. Here's how…

a "welcome neighbor" gift!

To make a "Welcome Neighbor" gift basket, include a few local treats like:

    -apples from your tree

    -candy from a sweet shop nearby

    –coffee from the local cafe

    -herbs or fresh veggies from your garden

    –spreads or sauces from the area farmer's market

a "welcome neighbor" gift!

a "welcome neighbor" gift!

And then include our handy Neighborhood Guide [download here]. This template gives you a place to list a ton of helpful information for your new neighbor including: tips for where to go in the neighborhood, trustworthy service providers, social handles for the street and for your family, and a handy way to keep track of names of all the neighbors on the street.

a "welcome neighbor" gift!

Some other fun things you could give your new neighbor along with the Neighborhood Guide to welcome them:

    -order a pizza for the new family on moving day and tell them dinner is on its way and they don't have to worry about it!

    -a small plant that is easy to take care of (no one wants to have to stress about taking care of a fragile plant)!

    -a gift certificate for a cleaning service to come help them out for a couple hours after all the unpacking!

What other tips do you have to welcome new neighbors?

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with State Farm.  All words are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling and crafting by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong. Props include: Ikea basket, Anne and Kate swizzle sticks, Oh Happy Day wood cutlery, Oh Happy Day floral napkins, Oh Happy Day striped napkin.}


  1. What a wonderful idea! I have always greeted our new neighbors with a simple introduction but I will have to bring over a welcome basket moving forward.

  2. We have a rental house next door where executive and their families (usually from abroad) often come for a few years. There used to be a wonderful little cheesecake bakery close by and I used to get one of their unique cheesecakes to welcome new neighbors. Alas, the bakery is no more so I resorted to chocolates. I learned to include a card with the names of my family and our phone numbers, but your neighborhood guide is such a better idea, and so pretty too! Thanks for this.

  3. What an amazing welcome gift!! I love the fill-in guide you included, that would be so unbelievably helpful, especially if you’re new to the city as well! Wonderful post! 😀

  4. This is so lovely, when we moved into our first ‘owned’ home, our neighbour who owns a fruit and veg business brought us over a crate of fresh produce. It was so lovely as we have rented the last 5 years before we brought, and moved 3 times but this was the first time a neighbour even interacted with us. I love this idea, and will keep in mind if we ever get any new neighbours.


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