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happy friday + future workshops…

Oh Joy studio

Oh Joy studio

Ah! We've signed the lease on a new office for Oh Joy (it's almost twice as big as what we have now!), and we're getting ready to pack up and move next month. Now that our new space will be big enough to host events, I'm excited to get back to meeting with people in real life and hosting business talks and various workshops in the new Oh Joy studio.

SOOOO….I'd love to know what types of talks, workshops, or events you would come to if you are (or if you could travel to us) in Los Angeles? I used to teach social media, freelancing, and product development workshops so I'd probably focus on other topics I have not yet covered. But I am open to hearing all of your suggestions!

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend! 

{Photos by Casey Brodley, my outfit by Boden.}


  1. Hi Joy! I am a Philadelphia-based blogger, sewing teacher and lingerie designer. I host one day intensive workshops that teach women how to make their own bras. Yep! That’s right. In less than 8 hours, between 5-6 ladies leave with a handmade bra. I taught in London last year, and will teach in Stockholm next. Apologies for making this a promotional comment, but I’d love to partner with you to do a workshop not just on making a bra, but female empowerment.

  2. I attended a marbling workshop that Anthropologie hosted (for free) once, and it was amazing. The instructor taught us about the history of marbling, the different tools and techniques that are used, and we got to marble both paper and small ceramic hexagon pieces.
    It would be great if you could offer “learn a new trade” workshops, like floral arrangements, marbling, large-scale knitting, cooking, komboucha-making, etc.

  3. How wonderful! I’m in TX 🙁
    Have family in LA….maybe a visit soon 🙂
    *I love craft workshops/mother-daughter craft workshops! If by donation can sponsor a local charity.
    *Steps to submit portfolio of art work to companies….
    Thank you for all your charity/giving! You are an inspiration and I admire you.

  4. I would LOVEEEEEEE/DIEEEEE/BE HONORED to host a lettering (and/or watercolor brush lettering) workshop in your gorgeous studio sometime!!! Dream! Dream! Dream! OH pick me! Yayyyyyy! I’ll bring lettering skills and SO MUCH infectious joy, I promise.


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