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make a fall felt wreath…

a fall felt wreath

a fall felt wreath

Fall is here, and it's finally starting to get cool even over here in Los Angeles. I love wreaths and am always eager to get one hanging up even before it feels quite like the holiday season. So for fall, we're showing you how to make this fall wreath made from materials that will last for a while and can be used over and over again! See how…

a fall felt wreath

You'll need:


faux greenery

wire wreath frame

floral wire

gold wire

– acrylic paint

– wire cutters

– hot glue gun

a fall felt wreath

Here's how:

1. Cut various shaped leaves out of the felt (we used golden yellow, hot pink, orange, and cream colored felt).

2. Paint white dots on each leaf to add dimension and texture.

3. Cut varying lengths of gold wire. Holding the middle of the base of the leaf, add a dab of hot glue, then place gold wire in glue and cinch the felt together until glue cools.

4. Attach faux greenery to the wreath frame by wrapping with floral wire.

5. Add in felt leaves as you like by wrapping the gold wire around the wreath frame to secure.

And if you want to see me make this DIY in person, check out this recent episode of Home & Family where I demonstrated making this wreath with…Kenny Loggins!

{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong}



  1. Love love love what you are doing! Your blog is so inspiring.
    I just started writing and my blog is currently under construction. I still have sooo much to learn. Hope my blog will be as pretty and successful as yours one day.


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