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sprinkle party donuts!

sprinkle party donuts

sprinkle party donuts


One of my favorite gifts to give someone that has everything is an edible treat! Pretty much everyone loves donuts AND sprinkles…so, today, we’re sharing how to make these seriously cute sprinkle party donuts and how to package them up for gift-giving! Here’s how…

sprinkle party donuts

You’ll need:

– mini donut cake pan

– funfetti cake mix

– pom poms

– plastic containers

– sprinkles (we made a few custom mixes so they weren’t the standard colors you can find)

Here’s how: 

1. Bake funfetti cake mix in mini donut pan. It helps to use a piping bag to pour the batter into the pan to control the flow of the batter.

2. Once the donuts have cooled, dip them in a basic glaze (a mix of powdered sugar and milk until it’s a good consistency).

sprinkle party donuts

3. While still wet, dip each glazed donut into bowl of sprinkles. We combined sprinkles to create a custom mix. Let donuts dry for 30 minutes.

4. Once dry, stack donuts in plastic containers—use a straw through the center of the donuts to easily keep the donuts stacked upright while putting them in the container.

5. Finally, finish it with a pom-pom topper. Either tie a purchased pom-pom to some yarn or make one using a pom-pom maker and and keep the tie of the pom-pom long enough to wrap around the container.

sprinkle party donuts


  1. i love all your work! your page is all about inspiration! i keep thinking what app do you use for the gift? in love


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