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pom pom curtains…

pom pom curtain DIY

pom pom curtain DIY

While I love pattern, curtains are always one of those things I struggle with purchasing in a pattern. I usually want curtains that are neutral and classic so they don't compete with the other accessories I might bring into a room. However, I do love figuring out ways to bring fun details to curtains that add some color without over-taking the whole room. So, today, we're bringing you this fun pom pom curtain DIY! It's super cute for a kid's room or for any space that needs a touch of whimsy…

pom pom curtain DIY

You'll need:

– yarn

pom pom maker


– needle & thread

– scissors

pom pom curtain DIY

Here's how:

1. Decide what sized poms you want and how spaced apart you want them to be on your curtain. We opted for 1" wide poms spaced about 5" apart. So, using an extra small pom pom maker, that worked out to about 45 pom poms for an 84” length curtain.

2. Using a new curtain or one you already have, make sure the curtain doesn't have any fold lines or wrinkles on it, and iron them out if so. After making the pom poms and trimming the middle tie, sew them onto curtains through the base of each pom, spacing them however you like. For our curtain, we made rows of 4 and 3 poms, leaving about 5 inches between each pom pom.

3. Finally, hang your curtain up and enjoy! These types of curtains should not be in an area where they could get dirty or wet quickly (ie. not in a kitchen or bathroom). If they are kept in a clean, dry room, they'll stay fresh and colorful for a long time!

pom pom curtain DIY

pom pom curtain DIY

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong.}


  1. Brings fun and joy to the room! What I like about this project is how the pom poms bring more color and movement to the curtains. Cute minimal details that add texture to the sunlight. Thank you for posting one more super cute and easy DIY project!

  2. I wish I saw this before I made the curains for my spare room. They’re so awesome!
    But all windows have curtains and I really REALLY need these in my house.

  3. Hey! Really cute idea!! Looks great! I have a question though. I could put them up in a clean and dry room but eventually they’ll need to be washed, right? Care instructions?


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