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pom pom socks!

pom-pom socks DIY

pom-pom socks DIY


You know we're currently obsessed with anything and everything with pom-poms, right? So, we wanted to update those white pom-pom socks we had as a kid with a chic and whimsical version for wearing right now. Since sheer socks are super chic under sandals and other footwear, we combined homemade poms with sheer, colorful socks for a simple way to punctuate any outfit with a little whimsy. Here's how!

pom-pom socks DIY

You'll need:

sheer socks

– yarn

pom pom maker

– needle & thread

– scissors

pom-pom socks DIY

Here's how:

1. Using the smallest pom maker, wrap one side in the first color of yarn, and wrap the other in the second color to get a color blocked pom pom.

2. Sew pom-poms onto the back of the sock at the top of the ankle.

3. To wash the socks, either wash by hand or wash in a garment bag to keep the pom-poms in tact!

pom-pom socks DIY

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong. Props shown: Target rug, Modernica blue couch, Kingdom by Randal Ford monkey print, Modernica orange stool, Bryr metallic clogs, Loeffler Randall silver slides, Marais blue sandals.}



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