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getting excited for valentine’s day…

funfetti biscotti

funfetti biscotti

Valentine's Day is coming up! Normally, I'm not huge into V-Day…but I really think we could all use a little extra love lately, so we're gonna come at you strong with a few fun Valentine's Day posts starting next week. Just to get you in the lovey-dovey mood, here are a few blasts from some posts of Oh Joy Valentine's past.

conversation hearts

mini floral brooches

Whether you want to make some funfetti biscotti, pie crust conversation hearts, or mini floral brooches, they're sure to bring joy to your numerous Valentines.


  1. Great ideas. Definitely trying this biscottis! My almost 4 year old and I are having a sleeov r themed valentines party and I’m the most excited I’ve ever been for this holiday.


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