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3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

Plants add so much life to any room through their natural color and texture. Today, we wanted to show you a few bold ways to use plants in your home!

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

1. The Statement Shelfie — This is the "go big or go home" option. If you love plants and are not afraid to have a bunch (and you're okay with watering regularly), you can make a statement filling most of a shelf with plants. To really up the wow factor with your plants, make sure to use a variety of plants and a mix of shapes for pots and planters! This helps to add interest, shape, and texture. When working with a lot of plants, we like to cluster plants together in 3’s in varying heights in addition to some stand-alone pieces. Use artwork, books, and some other decorative objects to break up the plants. But in this version, the plants are the star of the show!

Props shown: Eric Trine plant stand, eSaleRugs rug, Target shelf, Target planter, Jenny Vorwaller painting, Target boxes, Modernica white/wood planterOh Joy! for Target gold lady planter, Anthropologie faux fur pillow, Urban Outfitters round pillow, Sunbeam Vintage chair, Target blue throw blanket.

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

2. Floored Flora — Sometimes we have empty corners at home that need a little something. Here's how you can fill in that area with a mix plants on the floor. Start with a large plant, then add a few more in various sizes to fill in the space. In addition to using planters and plant stands in a variety of sizes, you can also use books for an easy way to add height to smaller plants.

Props shown: eSaleRugs rug, Eric Trine mint and white plant stands, Modernica gray/wood planter, Anthropologie pillow, Ai Modern credenza, Target white ribbed planter, glass boxes, Monroe Workshop wooden figurine, Modernica white/wood planter.

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

3 Ways to Bring Plants into Your Home

3. Just a Touch — If you're not quite ready to go too bold with plants, you can start with a small area to focus on…like a side table! Cluster a few small plants on an end table in varying heights with different textures. By putting them in various planters of the same color, they feel like they belong together, yet still varied enough to add interest.

Props shown: Target rug, Target blue throw blanket, Oh Joy! for Target cloud pillow, Arro Home pillow, Joybird pink sofa, Jeff Mindell palm tree print, Calais Le Coq motel print, Target white planter, Modernica white/wood planter.

Some of our favorite indoor plants include: ZamioculcasDracaena MassangeanaNeanthe Bella PalmEpipremnum Aureum, and Dieffenbachia.

What do you guys think? Would you go super bold like the first version or more minimal like the third? 

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong. Props shown in intro image: eSaleRugs pink round rug, Anthropologie shag pillow, Arro Home pillow, Modernica gray planter}


  1. I LOVE decorating with plants. I’ve become obsessed with hanging them everywhere and I definitely do the whole groups of 3 thing. I’m moving in a few weeks and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t shed a little tear thinking about all my plants that can’t move with me (it’s a cross-country move. if anyone has tips on how to do this with plants, I’m all ears!)
    Also: where’s the ‘cali’ print from?? Maybe I missed the link, but I love it!

  2. Love this post! Tank you for always being so thorough sharing your sources. I am dying over the couch and I see it is a custom fabric. May I ask the fabric source? 😀

  3. This is a great post! Any suggestions for someone with a room that doesn’t get much light? Living in a busy city means always being surrounded by tall buildings… 🙁
    Also, where is that cute side table in 3rd option from? Don’t tell me it’s vintage!

  4. Hi Alex!
    If you go to a plant store or nursery, they can def. tell you which options are best for low light!
    And that side table is Target but from years ago!

  5. I would just say, don’t use books that you care about with live plants on top. There’s a good chance that they’ll get warped, wetted, or otherwise damaged.


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