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a succulent jewelry box…

succulent jewelry box DIY

succulent jewelry box DIY

We love coming up with unique ways to display plants—particularly succulents because they are so hardy and easy to take care of. Today, we're showing you how to take this simple wooden jewelry box and turn it into a fun and modern vessel for a mix of your favorite succulents!

You'll need:

small set of drawers (you can find this new, or vintage from a flea market)

– acrylic paint

– gold spray paint

succulent jewelry box DIY

Here's how:

1. Remove all handles & knobs from the draws. Spray paint them gold and let dry for 1 hour.

2. Paint the drawers in colors of your choice, and let dry for 2 hours. Add a second coat if needed.

3. Put all handles & knobs back on.

4. Arrange the succulents inside the drawers so there is a mix of shapes and textures, some short and some trailing. You can use faux succulents or real ones. If using real plants, make each container waterproof by lining the inside of each drawer with a small ziplock bag so that the plant water doesn't damage the wood. Use stones and soil to hold the plant within each bag, then place and arrange in the drawer.

succulent jewelry box DIY

P.S. Past succulent vessels here and here!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong. Items in photo: Ai Modern credenza, Jenny Vorwaller painting, circle containers, Maryanne Moodie wall hanging.}


  1. Hi Cary,
    As noted in the directions, you can line the boxes with small bags to hold the plants. Simply water within those. Succulents don’t need a lot of water so it should not overflow 😉


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