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how to make a party bouquet!

how to make a party bouquet!

how to make a party bouquet!

Nothing cheers up someone more than a bouquet of flowers. We love adding our own twist to any traditional gift and turned this bouquet into a party bouquet with a few additional accents. Here's how!

how to make a party bouquet!

You'll need: party straw

bamboo skewers

mini honeycomb balls

glitter paper

– hot glue gun (for gold glitter circles)

– vintage pins

– flowers (we used: eucalyptus, ranunculus, protea, blue thistle, lisianthus, brunia)

how to make a party bouquet!

Here's how:

Start with greenery to add texture and fullness to your bouquet. Then, add secondary flowers which are usually smaller than your main flower. Finally, add one to three focal flowers—these are the bigger and more special flowers and the stars of the show. Finally, add the "party" with honey combs on skewers, a party straw, and gold circles on skewers. While you assemble, make sure you stagger the heights of the pieces so that they can all be seen from the front, then trim the stems evenly at the bottom before wrapping them in fabric and adding a vintage brooch to finish.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}


  1. This is a fabulous bouquet, love it! I’ve always tried to figure out how to better incorporate real flowers as party decor. I like the decor on skewers, the party straw and that it all makes bouquets seems less “formal” for parties.

  2. Wow that is really creative, something I would have not thought about. It would be good for re-use in the future as well instead of using cut flowers. I know this is dumb question but where can I find these supplies that’s not too pricey? Thanks!

  3. These are beautiful I love how you’ve transformed some simple flowers into a fun and vibrant bouquet! I’m actually here because I’m trying to get some inspiration for my parents wedding anniversary. They’ve been married 30 years now so they’re having a big soiree for it. My mum has always loved flowers so I really want to have them all around the room but I’m not good enough to pull off a bouquet like this, which is why I think I will need a florist. There’s one near me called Urban Design Flowers which has had some great reviews from what I can see. Has anyone else used them at all? I’d love to see some examples of their flowers if anyone has any pictures from any events they’ve done!


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