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10 of my favorite (little) kids books right now…

my favorite (little) kids books right now

my favorite (little) kids books right now

Every night, my girls take turns picking a book to read for bedtime. Now that Ruby is reading, it's been fun to have her read bedtime books to Coco. You guys have been asking me about books you've seen on my Instagram Stories, so I wanted to share some of my favorites right now that are good for both older and younger toddlers and for new readers as well.

1. Pantone Colors — This is a great one for two different ages of kids. The older one can read the various color swatches on the left while the younger one works on color identification on the right.

2. Where's Walrus — This picture book is fun for younger toddlers as they search for the walrus throughout. You can engage older toddlers about where certain details are in the photos or ask questions that require them to count how many of something they can find on the page.

3. Mix It Up — A great, interactive book about color for little kids of all ages. Older toddlers and younger kids can read the book while the younger ones work on color identification and basic color theory.

4. Hug You, Kiss You, Love You — This is a short and sweet book great for new readers to practice reading. It's also a good, short book for when you want to make bedtime a little quicker on any given night 😉

5. A Good Day for a Hat — A super cute, silly story that kids of all ages will enjoy and is simple enough, yet has a variety of words, making it great for new readers.

6. Today — This very visual book give options of choices the child can make during any given day. It allows kids to think of and pick different answers and is especially fun with siblings who can talk about their different choices for the day.

7. Beautiful, Oops! — A classic, interactive story about why making mistakes is a good thing and good practice for a new reader.

8. Destination: Space — For older toddlers who ask a lot of questions, this one goes into detail about various aspects of space. The facts are divided up by page and with call-outs so it makes it easier to digest and to focus on just a few pages at a time.

9. Henry's Bright Idea — A playful and beautifully illustrated book that follows a character in search of his next idea. This one has a fuller story and is great for when the kids just want to sit back and let the parents do the reading.

10. What Do Grownups Do All Day? — This book breaks down all sorts of jobs and is a fun read for older toddlers who are beginning to talk about what they want to do when they grow up.

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}


  1. I work in a library and we have that walrus book! My colleagues and I laughed over it; I’ll be someday borrowing and reading it.

  2. Looks like some great books. My toddler and I make weekly visits to the library to pick out a new selection of books to read. It always interesting to see what he picks out.

  3. Hi Joy,
    You used Instagram story recently about a children’s book. It promoted culture and diversity and how someone would spend their evening in a different part of the world.
    What was the title?
    Thanks in advance!


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