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how to style a colorful couch!



When it comes to couches, most people stick with a neutral color—partially because they're afraid of committing to a brightly colored couch and partially because they don't know how to style the room around a colorful couch. Today, we're going to show you three examples of how to style around a bright couch! Here's how…

We started with the same base for all three—a black and white color blocked wall and neutral rug with a simple black diamond detail. We used black contact paper for the color-blocking which is great if you live in a rental. Or, you can simply paint it – allowing at least three inches above the couch so you can see the line.


1. For the pink couch, we kept all the other large accent pieces white so that the bright couch would pop more. All of the smaller and softer accessories stayed in black and white to keep it looking sophisticated, yet fun. This room feels feminine and chic without being too sweet.

Items shown: Lorena Canals rug, Modernica chair, Idlewild Cali print, Max Wanger black print, Calais Le Coq 66 print Joybird sofa, Calhoun & Co. striped pillow, Calhoun & Co. throw blanket, Arro Home dotty pillow, Anthropologie shaggy pillow, Target lamp (past season), Target coffee table (past season), Target black vase, Target dotty vase, Leah Reena Goren tray.


2. For the red daybed, we brought in accents of red with the prints and added texture through the accent pieces like a faux fur blanket, pillow with tassels, and plants. Since the red can be really hot on the eyes, we added warmth with a mix of wood pieces, metal, and plants. This one definitely feels like a living room for someone young, modern, and edgy. 

Items shown: Eric Trine plant stand, vintage lamp, Lorena Canals rug, Modernica couch, Pom Pom at Home throw blanket, Arro Home dotty pillow, Anthropologie tassel pillow (past season), Target coffee table, Target geoburst (past season), World Market marble & wood paper weight, Hotel Magique apple print in Framebridge frame, Kindah Khalidy abstract print in Framebridge frame, CDR print, Target bench, Target white planter, Urban Outfitters gold planter, Eric Trine chair, Anthropologie furry pillow.


3. For the blue couch, we added a bit more color here since the blue isn't as hard to complement as other colors. We tied in the color from the couch by bringing in art and accessories that have bits of blue. The other colors brought in (coral, pink, orange) have a similar intensity as the blue but show up here in smaller does so that it all works together. This is a fun space that would make a great family room.

Items shown: Lorena Canals rug, CB2 side table (past season), Target speckle vase, Oh Joy! for Target lamp, Lisa McLean abstract print, Max Wanger print, J. Otto Seibold house print, Modernica couch, Urban Outfitters face pillow, Calhoun & Co. throw blanket, Arro Home rainbow pillow, Calhoun & Co. striped pillow, Target coffee table (past season), Vanessa Bean face vase, Sunbeam Vintage chair, Castle round pillow, vintage striped pillow.

In all of these examples, the key is to focus on the pop of color from the sofa, add mostly black and white in the accessories, and then if you're ready, add more color that complements the couch. Which one do you like best?

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong} 


  1. I love the black border idea! I already have a hot pink rug and side chair… so I have to keep something neutral! Sticking with a grey couch.

  2. This probably sounds so dorky, but I am such a sucker for coffee tables that are cute AND have storage! How do non-storage coffee table owners handle their magazines and clutter?? 🙂

  3. Once you’ve considered the light and dark of your new sofa, it’s time to think about color. If you’re not working with a showpiece sofa, then a sofa in a neutral color is a popular choice. Neutral sofas are easy to decorate around, and can easily keep up with your style as it changes over the years….


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