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a housewarming gift for a new graduate!

Tassel Tea Towel DIY

Tassel Tea Towel DIY

Whether it's a high school graduate heading off to their next chapter or a college graduate off to their first apartment in the real world, a housewarming gift is always welcome for any new stage of life. Today we've teamed up with FedEx to make a set of colorful tea towels to send to your favorite graduate in their new home. Here's how…

Tassel Tea Towel DIY

You'll need:
embroidery floss (in a mix of colors)
tea towels (we chose white but you could pick any color you want)
– needle
– thread
– cardboard square/business card


Here's how:
1. To make the tassels, wrap embroidery floss around a small piece of cardboard 12 times.
2. Slide the loop off of the cardboard, and tie a knot at the top end of the loop with another strand of embroidery floss.
3. Cut the other end of the loop (opposite of where you just tied).
4. Wrap another piece of embroidery floss around the tied end to create the head of the tassel. Secure with a double knot.
5. Trim the end of the tassel to make a clean, even edge.
6. Attach tassels to the tea towel with a simple loop stitch.

Tassel Tea Towel DIY

Finally, package up the tea towels (you could even add in some cooking utensils) and send them off to your graduate with some festive packaging. It's a gift that will mean a lot to them and remind them of the new journey ahead.

Tassel Tea Towel DIY

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with FedEx.  All words are my own.  

Items shown: Ikea pot, Target plates (past season), Target flatware, Target serving utensils.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Prop styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong


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