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Oh Joy

Oh Joy

Today, I celebrate my 38th year of life! I remember when I thought 38 was SO old…it seemed like I would never be that age. But once my 30's hit, I gained a new-found confidence. I felt stronger as a person, more confident in who I was, and it felt like I was just starting to turn into whomever I am really meant to be. I don't mean to get all mushy or anything on my birthday, but I also am feeling very happy and content about growing older. Things aren't perfect, there are lots of things I still want to do, but with age, I learn more, I become better at the things I love, and I get to better understand what makes me (and those in my life) happy…which is really the most important thing.

Thanks for following along here on this journey of mine, and I hope to keep bringing you back for a while to come!


  1. Woop! Happy Bday! I know you’ll celebrate in style!
    I’m right behind you this December! I’ve enjoyed my 30s – great decade so far. But 38 makes me think, “Oh man, that’s the backend of 30!” Regardless, we all look amazing and don’t look or act it, do we? ; )

  2. First off! Happy birthday!!! As much as I loved my 20s, I feel so much more at home in my 30s. Also, where is that awesome jacket from! Those sleeves are awesome!


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