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Sonnet James

Sonnet James

I am totally a dress person and wear them almost every day when the weather allows for it. But a lot of people say they can't wear dresses when they need to get a lot done or run errands or hang with their kids. Well, there are so many great options these days that are easy to wear, washable, and still look very put together. Here are a few of my favorites!

Plain Jane

Plain Jane – These are dresses so soft and easy that you could wear to bed, roll out of bed and go run errands without anyone knowing that you slept in it! They are really that comfy and soft!

Sonnet James

Sonnet James – Sonnet James makes a variety of pieces made to play in from stretchy dresses to button-up playsuits. Available in a bunch of different patterns and colors, they're totally pieces you could dress up or dress down.

Corinne Collection

Corinne Collection – From far away, you would never know these pieces are made of the softest French terry and feels like PJ's. The chic and flattering cuts come in a range of solids that make it easy to pair with any other patterned pieces you already have.

Loyal Hana

Loyal Hana – If you happen to be nursing your babe, all of the pieces by Loyal Hana are nursing-friendly, yet completely double for work or a date night out.


Hatch — For those that are expecting but want pieces that they can wear after baby is born, Hatch is a go-to for beautiful, high-quality maternity pieces.

Those are a few of my favorites that make it easy to look totally put together while still juggling everything that life throws our way!


  1. Oh that floral shirt dress is my favourite! You have shared some really nice dresses and places to buy them though 🙂
    I do tend to find a dress feels a little ;dressier’ (ha!) for days with the boys, but they are still a good outfit option when they are comfortable and washable like you said! 🙂
    Hope you are having a great start to the week! I just published my first eBook so the week is starting brilliantly for me! 🙂
    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I love all of these options so much 🙂 Thank you for sharing them! I absolutely love the floral piece, it’s so gorgeous!! I really must check out more designs and I definitely need to interpret more dresses like these into my wardrobe!
    Have a great day 🙂
    Chloe @


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