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color adventures: a purple & blush sunroom…



If you have space in your home that crosses between indoors and out—a sunroom, covered patio, enclosed porch—we love the idea of mixing indoor and outdoor to combine them into one very summer-y and happy space. With this month's Color Adventures in purple and blush, here's a look at a pretty sunroom space…

color adventures: a purple & blush sunroom

We started by bringing purple in by adding a diagonal color blocked wall. We chose a lighter shade of purple so that it could more easily go with the other shades of color surrounding it.

color adventures: a purple & blush sunroom

Next, we added a fun rug. We used a multi-color rug as the focal point, but because the rug has both purple and blush in it, it ties into the solids that we'll layer on top! If the room is a patio or sunroom, the rug helps to make it more cozy, too.

color adventures: a purple & blush sunroom

Add plants and wall planters as a decorative accent to bring the outdoors in.

color adventures: a purple & blush sunroom

Finally, pull up some good reads and a cold drink and relax and enjoy!

Items shown: Benjamin Moore Lavender Lipstick paint, Modernica mid-century planter, Modernica Props white planters, Target wall planters, Modernica Props patio furniture, Modernica Props purple pillows, Modernica Props vintage radio, Anthropologie shag pillow, Coco Carpets rug, Anthropologie sandals, Gray Malin tray, Anthropologie glasses, Anne and Kate stir sticks, Bonjour Fete gold napkins, Party Porcelain pink napkins. Hat from San Diego Hat Company, jumper from Coast to Coast vintage.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.


  1. Why do insist on calling these rooms?? That’s not a room it’s a close crop on a small section of one. How would this outdoor furniture fit in with a dining table? Or TV set up? If you can make this work in an actual room, I’d love to see it. But looking at a tiny set with a mix of stuff that probably wouldn’t work in a bigger setting. No thanks.

  2. I would like to politely disagree with all of this. This set up would be fab as a stand alone corner in a large room, or on a small sun porch or patio (as stated in the beginning of the post). The wall could be one accent wall, not EVERY wall. The key is to bring elements of this decor into a larger space if you have it – and if not, it’s a perfect pop of style in small space! 🙂 Great job, ohJoy team! <3

  3. This is one of my favorite spaces you’ve created!! Love it. Did you guys spray paint the Target wall planter??


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