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dressing the team / jumbo florals…

dressing the team / jumbo florals

dressing the team / jumbo florals

For our newest Dressing the Team, we're all about jumbo florals for summer! Since this story is all about pattern, everyone chose a bold floral piece that worked best for their figures. Here's how we wore them…

dressing the team / jumbo florals

Courtney, my Executive Assistant, went for floral shorts and found them in a place you might not expect…the mens' section!
She's been scoring in the mens' department lately because the clothes tend to be less expensive and more durable. And with the modern man, there are now more fun print options! Courtney says, "I don't have very wide hips or a very curvy bottom, so a men's cut works well on my body."

Courtney's wearing a Madewell chambray top (similar), January Moon necklace, Nomah hat (similar), and Zuzii clogs.

dressing the team / jumbo florals

Julia, our Creative Content Producer & Stylist, picked this bold floral jumper to wear out to dinner and drinks with her squad. Julia says, "The wide leg and fitted waist in this romper works well with my body type because I have a bigger bottom and smaller waist and chest. It gives me definition in the waist without being too tight. I think the neckline is flattering, too, on a smaller chest."

Julia is wearing an ASOS jumper, earrings from The Left Bank, and Zuzii clogs in silver. 

dressing the team / jumbo florals

Angie, our Visual and Product Designer, would wear this outfit out on a date night with her husband. Angie says, "I really love this skirt because the length is super flattering and comfortable. I love how the bow detail and the amazing pattern accentuates my figure without showing off my momma tummy. And, it has pockets!"

Angie's wearing a J.Crew skirt (currently on sale!), Gap bodysuit, vintage necklace, homemade hairpin, and Zuzii clogs.

dressing the team / jumbo florals

Jess, our Crafting and Styling Assistant, is wearing a floral crop top making this outfit perfect for date night or a night out dancing!
Jess says, "Since I'm petite, I prefer to wear high waisted skirts to lengthen my legs, which works well with a cropped top. I feel like the embroidery makes it a little more sophisticated, so it works well for night time, too!"

Jess is wearing a Asos top, Asos skirt (similar), and Zuzii shoes.

dressing the team / jumbo florals

Joy, that's me! I chose a full-on floral vintage dress. I'd wear this dress to work or to brunch out with friends. I love maxi dresses especially when they have a high waist or a tie-detail at the waist because it gives the illusion that I have a figure when I don't! 

I'm wearing a vintage dress from Shareen and Zuzii clogs.

I really love this the bold florals we chose and hope it will inspire you to bring some of these florals into your wardrobe this summer.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Special thanks to Zuzii for the clogs we adore!}


  1. Love all these!! I do have a question about the clogs, I love the look of them but I’ve always wondered about the comfort of wooden clogs?! Are they comfy? As a mama nowadays I’m all about comfort but I do love how they look! Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Looking good ladies! We invite you to check out our blog and see how many times fashion and decor go hand in hand. – We could write a post about you guys with this one!-Laurel Bledsoe

  3. Everyone looks great and I love the tip to check out the men’s section — I have a small chest and frequently find great sweaters / basic shirts in men’s sections! Where are Courtney’s shorts from?


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