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A “Clean Teeth” Kit!

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

As adults, we are the worst with oral health. Work, life, kids, and schedules get in the way and our own once good habits fall by the wayside. We often get lazy and forget to floss, fall behind on scheduling our dentist appointments, or fall asleep by accident on the couch by 8pm consumed by exhaustion and miss a tooth brushing before bed. 

When I was pregnant (both times), I remember how much I was told to keep up good oral hygiene because it can affect your baby, too. Believe it or not, up to 70% of pregnant women get gingivitis from changes in hormone levels during pregnancy. If you’re thinking about starting a family, pregnant or recently had a baby, a daily oral health routine is an important way to ensure healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy.

So today, we've teamed up with Crest and Oral-B, in partnership with the March of Dimes, to create this Clean Teeth Kit which gives you a fun and easy place to keep all of your oral hygiene items so you can see them and be reminded to use them. For me, if something isn't out right in front of my face, I will forget about it (i.e. when you keep floss in your bathroom drawer instead of on the bathroom counter you are less likely to floss!). Here's how to make it…

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

You'll need:
white tray
square containers
contact paper (we used, mint, yellow, blush, and gold)
– exacto knife and cutting mat

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

Here's how to make the kit:

1. Cut strips of contact paper in various widths. The length of each strip should be long enough to fit around the entire container so it wraps all the way around.

2. Then, have fun with this! There is no wrong way to use the stripes to decorate the containers. Each container can be different from the next. We decorated six containers and mixed and matched colors and sizes of the strips.

3. You can mix and match the positions of your container within the tray, too. We also added sequins in some containers to add a little whimsy and to hold the dry items (floss and toothpaste) in the containers to help hold them in place.

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

The other great thing about our "Clean Teeth" Kit is it's modular and can change with your family. Single ladies can claim each container for daily essentials that need to stay out. Add your partner's or your little one's toothbrush. Or, if you're currently #BrushingForTwo, you can keep another container for your future babe's toothbrush. It's fun, versatile, and will keep you brushing!

This content is sponsored by P&G. All opinions are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}



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