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my 5 favorite beauty products for summer…

my 5 favorite beauty products right now

my 5 favorite beauty products right now

I'm not a big beauty junkie, but I definitely have my daily go-to staples. Here are my five favorites for every day use this summer…

1. Nars Orgasm blush—I know everyone has this blush, but it is still the best one I've ever used for my skin tone. It's the perfect rosy shade that allows you to go more or less intense depending on how much you apply, and the gold shimmer adds a really pretty texture. 

2. No. 07 Serum—I tried this for the first time for a sponsored post we did last year and have been obsessed ever since. It's made the texture of my skin smoother, and I love using it on a hot day as moisturizer because it's lighter than a typical face lotion.

3. Glossier Sunscreen—For almost my whole life, I have used the same Oil of Olay facial lotion with SPF 15. But I recently tried this one by Glossier which I love for summer because it's light in texture and has SPF 30 which is helpful during the summer months to give extra protection daily.

4. Glossier Cherry Balm—I put this on every morning before I walk out the door. It gives my lips instant moisture, but also a tint of color so I look somewhat awake before I head to work.

5. Lipstick Queen—This lipstick looks pale yellow but changes color once it touches the heat from your lips for a rosy coral that adds a punch of color without being too bold. I love how it changes depending on your shade of skin and looks slightly different on everyone.

Ok, so those are my summer favorites! I'd love to hear yours, too!


  1. I’m 38 now and I still use the Oil of Olay with SPF! haha Did you start because of your mom? Because I did! I will order the Glossier and try it out.

  2. I am OBSESSED with Glossier’s line. I’ve been using the Balm for about six months now along with their ultra rich moisturizer. Can’t remember hwat it’s called, but I’ve just about made it to the bottom of the jar, which is a good sign that it’s a product I love. The SPF is pretty fantastic too.


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