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oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts…



It's been a few months since our last Dressing the Team…and here we are already into fall! For this month, I wanted to share our take on a classic piece that transitions well from summer to fall—a maxi skirt. We're all wearing the same maxi skirt but in different colors so you can see how it works on all of us. And, we now have six people on the team! So you'll see a new face here below…

oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts

Traci, our new Social Media Coordinator, is joining us for her first Dressing the Team post! Traci says, "I paired the skirt with a comfy sweater to keep warm on cooler nights and to give it a more relaxed, casual feel for fall. I opted for a slightly cropped sweater so that it wouldn't cover too much of the skirt! And, I would wear this outfit to a dinner party or a night out with friends." 

Traci is wearing an Urban Outfitters sweater (past season), Marais sandals (past season), a Madewell necklace (past season), and Morning Lavender skirt.

oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts

Jess, our crafting assistant, added a pop of whimsy to her look with a graphic tee. She says, "I like the juxtaposition of fancy and casual that make it a pulled together, but comfortable, look. I would wear this on the weekend…maybe for a day of wine tasting with friends."

Jess is wearing a top, M. Gemi shoes (past season), Block Artt earrings (past season), Sole Society heels (similar), and Morning Lavender skirt.

oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts

Angie, our Visual and Product Designer, loves bold pattern. Angie says, "I paired the skirt with a relaxed button shirt and faux suede moto jacket to make this one of my go-to work outfits. I would wear this everyday at the office. The skirt is super vibrant, and the cut of it makes me feel like I can float on air!"

Angie is wearing a JCrew shirt (similar), Zara Jacket, Dolce Vita boots (past season), Block Artt Earrings, and Morning Lavender skirt. 

oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts

Julia, our Creative Content Producer & Stylist, loves the flirty and fun feel of the skirt. She says, "While I normally wouldn't have thought to wear this skirt because high-waisted skirts like this don't usually feel flattering on my hips, the lightness of the fabric made it more forgiving. I added a button-down shirt tied at the waist for a more feminine twist to a classic work shirt. I would wear this outfit to a family gathering, brunch, or a show at the Hollywood Bowl with my husband."

Julia is wearing a The Lack of Color Hat, Zara stripe blouse, Loeffler Randall knot slides, and Morning Lavender skirt.

oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts

Courtney, my Executive Assistant, went for a comfy (yet classic) sweater and some high tops to go with her bright cobalt skirt. Courtney says, "A long maxi skirt doesn't have to be fancy or worn with heels. Making it work with casual pieces extends the life of the skirt. I would wear this outfit to class or out shopping. It's stylish and comfortable—the best of both worlds."  

Courtney is wearing a One We Made Earlier Necklace, Toms wedge heels (past season), Victoria's Secret sweater (past season), and Morning Lavender skirt.

oh joy dressing the team / maxi skirts

Joy, that's me! I wear maxi skirts all the time as they are most comfortable for me (after having two kids) when worn high waisted. The skirt feels airy yet has a weight to it that makes you feel very put together very easily. I paired this with a cropped shirt so that the smallest part of the waist is highlighted. I wore this outfit recently to see Hamilton and it felt very appropriate for the theater, yet very fun, too. 

Joy is wearing a Mara Hoffman top, Loeffler Randall shoes, Marley & Alfie earrings, and Morning Lavender skirt.

{Photos by Lily Glass, mural by Julia Wester and Jess Hong. Big thanks to Morning Lavender for providing our skirts for this story!} 


  1. Great outfit ideas!
    Does these skirt work for anyone petite on your team, say, anyone under 5’4″ like me? I’m intimidated that maxi skirts will swallow me whole, which is a bummer because I love the look!

  2. Hi! Yes, a few of us are petite and under 5’4”. There is a petite size we got. I would say if you are under 5’2” you may need to get it hemmed depending on what shoes you want to wear and how high they are. But here we are all wearing the original skirts with no hemming 😉


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