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apple basket diy…

apple basket diy / oh joy

apple basket diy / oh joy

Fall means cooler days, cozy layers, and lots of crisp apples! I love having fresh fruit on hand all year round, and find myself piling up on apples around this time of year. So today, we're showing you how to make a basket perfect to hold your bounty after a full day of apple picking. And, it can be filled with any kind of fruit afterwards, too! Here's how to make it…

apple basket diy / oh joy

You'll need:
– wire basket (ours is from the Target dollar section, similar)
– rope (from Lowes, similar)
parachute cord
– hot glue gun
– scissors


Here's how:
1. For each strap, measure the length you'd like it to be, and then double the length.
2. String the rope through one side of the basket, and then on the opposite side.
3. Glue together the loose ends of the rope, so now the rope should be one big loop.
4. Repeat for the other strap, holding up the rope to make sure it's the same lengths as the other handle.
5. Hold both straps together at the top, and use a dab of hot glue to attach the parachute cord.
6. Wrap parachute cord over rope handles as wide as you'd like (making sure the glued ends of rope are wrapped in the cord).
7. At the base of each side of each handle, use hot gule to attach the parachute cord.
8. Wrap about an inch of cord around the rope and finish with hot glue. 

apple basket diy / oh joy

apple basket diy / oh joy

Items shown: Family Affairs Tillerman dress, The Wilde Bloem necklace (past season), and Arro Home yellow throw blanket (past season).

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}

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