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a DIY splatter paint jacket…

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

Remember when we made a splatter paint backpack and entryway mat? Well, today we're back with a pretty splatter paint denim jacket (Can you tell spring is on my mind?)! Denim jackets are an essential to have in your closet and make for the perfect transition between seasons…but sometimes they could use a little something extra. So, we took a traditional denim jacket and added a little detail that's so easy and fun to make! And, the color combinations and designs are ENDLESS, so you can tailor it to be the dream jacket you've always wanted. Here's how…

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

You'll need…
screen printing ink
– paint brush
– water
– drop cloth

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

Here's how…
1. Add a little bit of water at a time to your paint to make it easier to splatter. The ratio should be about 3:1 paint to water. You may need to play with this a bit, but to keep the colors vibrant, be careful to not add too much water.
2. Lay down a drop cloth and lay the jacket flat on top.
3. Using a paint brush, make a flicking motion to create the splatter effect. You can go all over to stick to just one area like the shoulders or arms. But just have fun – there are no mistakes!
4. Let your piece dry for an hour before flipping to splatter the other side.

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

Items shown: Perverse sunglasses (past season), Sonnet James dress (similar), vintage scarf.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting and modeling by Jess Hong.}


    1. Hi Bunny! These are a type of acrylic paint – but you could use fabric or other acrylics to get the same effect. We loved the vibrancy of these particular colors and how well they “splattered” 🙂 Thanks!


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