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9 City Books for Kids / via Oh Joy!

9 City Books for Kids / via Oh Joy!

I love teaching my kids about the city we live in (yay LA!), as well as other cities that we visit during the year. Whether you're raising a local tour guide or a budding travel editor, here are 9 of my favorite City Books for Kids! Lots of them come in various options for different cities, too!

01. When I'm in LA by Le Future Kids, 02. Zig Zag City Guides,03. Larry Gets Lost books, 04. A Walk in New York, 05. Neela Goes to San Francisco, 06. This is Paris, 07. Los Angeles 1 to 10 by Sara Beth Greene, 08. Bright Eyed Baby Flashcards, 09. Los Angeles Is….


  1. We bought our girls Larry gets Lost in Seattle when we visited last year and they have loads of kids books about Toronto from our countless trips to Canada! I love these books and a great way to remember memories from our trips and inspire them to travel and know more about the world!

  2. This looks much like the book shelf in my kids’ room! I love buying picture books as souvenirs when we travel. The Larry Gets Lost books are a hit with my kids (there are board book versions with less text too) but my absolute favorites are the “This is…” series. I bought them for myself even before I had kids!


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