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a new year + loving yourself…

Oh Joy / Photo by Morgan Pansing

Oh Joy / Photo by Morgan Pansing

A couple months ago, I had a back and forth conversations with someone on Instagram about how following some bloggers made her feel more self-conscious about herself. It made her feel as if she needed to dye her hair or dress a certain way. She wrote me because she appreciated that I didn't dye my hair and just worked with what I had. When I was reading her messages, I saw my younger self in these same words. I spent SO much of my teen years and early 20's wishing I looked or acted like someone else. And, this was before the days of social media. I didn't have access to watching the lives of strangers in a way that so easily could make me compare myself to others even more so than I already did. It took me so long…really until my 30's…to truly feel confident in my own skin, as I am. Some of that comes with age, but I also think a lot of it comes with seeing examples of other women who are not perfect, who are not models, who are unique in their own way just being who they are and being OK with it.

One thing I always strive to do with our content here at Oh Joy is to show how I (as a person) and we (as a company) are putting into the world what feels right for us, staying true to our voice and style, and trying to represent what makes us happy. In turn, the goal is that others will see that in themselves as well if they don't already. If we can't find that feeling for ourselves, how can we instill it into the next generations of kids who need us to be their role models?

So, here is what I am asking you to do today…I would like you to leave a comment here telling me at least ONE THING that you like about yourself. How often do we get a chance to do that? We're often thinking about what to fix, what to resolve, what to make better in the New Year. But I would love you to just reflect on something you are already doing that kicks butt.

I'll start…

I like that I care about people and will always do my best to help people whenever I can. I also make a really good grilled cheese sandwich!

Now, your turn!

P.S. If you feel like posting on Instagram, I would love to see you post a photo of your beautiful self telling me and others what you like about yourself there too. Hashtag the photo #OhJoyLoveYourself and tag a friend to get them to join in, too!

{Photo by Morgan Pansing}


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. For many people the New Year and goals and resolutions are synonymous with one another. I have no problem with setting goals and intentions for the New Year, but I also recognize and appreciate that the New Year is no different than the start of a new day, or the start of a new week. We can make changes to our lives whenever we want. I don’t think people should feel pressured to set goals or make changes just because the date reads January 1, nor do I think people should berate themselves for falling off track with whatever goals they do set for themselves.
    I gave advice to a friend the other day who I thought was going through a period of negativity in their life; I said that he should name three things every day that he is grateful for. It could be something as simple as “I’m grateful I drank green tea today”, to “I’m grateful I spoke to my mom over the phone”. Anything, big or small, that he was grateful for. In response to your post, this is something that I think I do well. I’m naturally an optimistic person and I try to help people whenever and wherever I can. I volunteer in my community, I donate to charities that are meaningful to me, and I try to inspire my friends and family to find meaningful ways to give back.
    Thank you for sharing such a positive message on your blog. January can be a time of year when so many people are hard on themselves and I think by encouraging people to recognize something they are good at, or something they like about themselves is so important.

  2. Thank you Elaina! I love that. I agree about taking time to feel grateful for things esp during moments when you need the boost.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I love that over the past few year’s I’ve grown really confident with wearing my hair air dried and natural. I’ve embraced the look I was born with which is something to be proud of!!

  4. One silly thing that I love about myself: I make white rice perfectly every time! My day taught me and I haven’t messed it up since!
    And I love giving gifts to people and letting them know in a tangible way they are important to me. I think I can be a pretty great gift-giver.

  5. I love that I admit that I can’t do it all… and that’s totally OK!. I love that I get really emotional at movies, commercials and touching moments. Those dog commercials, servicemen coming home to their family or when my son looked up at me with huge proud eyes when he finally stacked his blocks into a tower that didn’t fall over. Reminds me that my focus is in the right place and I’m not missing the moments that really matter.

  6. I love that at my age I have the ability to be honest with myself, family (which isn’t easy), with friends and most importantly with my son. Honesty is something I believe was very difficult for me in my 20’s and early 30’s. Always trying to make others believe everything was perfect, I was strong I didn’t need help. Today I realize honesty makes you happy you realize it’s ok to not be perfect and to just let go and just be honest. In order to be Happy you have to be Honest is my motto for 2018!!!

  7. I realized that it’s so hard to compliment yourself without offering a disclaimer!
    I love that I love finding little inexpensive gifts that try to show that I care or understand the person I’m giving them to, especially “just because” gifts that are not associated with any holiday or occasion. Like a little sick packet with a couple multivitamins and green tea and a ginger shot, or a cool weird ketchup for someone who loves Heinz, or a funny but touching book of illustrations for a friend that’s feeling lost. I love that I love to do this.

  8. I love that I always strive to look at the bright side and see how I can contribute change if I do see something negative. I love my crazy curly hair. I love that I made two kickass little humans that bring me joy (almost) every day. I love that I focus on community, and have done a good job in bringing mine closer together. I love feeling grateful and expressing it, especially now about myself. Thanks for this excercise! I love you!

  9. Very inspirational! I like that I never give up when things gets tough. I push through it until I reach the end. Amazing blog post as always. 🙂

  10. yes! me too! I’m FINALLY embracing the big wavy air dried hair I’ve got. Wish I could tell my younger self to just be me!

  11. Hugs really are the BEST
    I have lived long distance from family and old friends for 2 years, I miss good hugs the most!

  12. I like that at 38 I finally figured out that I love big bold earrings and don’t care what anyone else thinks! I also like that I’ve learned (last year especially) that when something feels like the worst thing ever, ever, it can actually turn out to be the best way to discover what’s really important in life. And just how strong you actually are!

  13. I love that I don’t really hold a grudge and just move on. Although it’s less about thick skin and more about forgetting about it 😉 I also love that I now like my grey/silver pixi hair. No more colour for me. And really I love how my kids are getting more awesome by the day.
    And I love visiting this blog, it is like an old friend I catch up with from time to time. Thanks!

  14. I am really, really inspired by you and I thank you because as the chronic inspirer, I have reached a time in my life when I am the one that needs to be encouraged and uplifted! The one thing about myself that I love most, is that I Love my history and culture, and the creative way in which I put it on display in my home, the way I dress, etc. As a person of African descent, I hear some terrible things being said about my world community. However, I know that they aren’t true and that we as black people have a vast, beautiful and rich cultural heritage! And, what I love even more is that I’m teaching the young people to embrace and love our culture too! I’m proud of that!

  15. I’m temporarily re-naming your blog ‘GO Joy!’ 🙂 I love that I have great style! I can own that (at least today!) Thanks for a great post and for always inspiring content!

  16. This is such a positive post; I love it. I, too, have many times felt more self-conscious since the social media entered into my life. It’s not even always about how it makes me feel (aesthetically, I guess), but also how I live. I enjoy following interior design blogs and IG accounts as well, and they are all so clean and put together. I consider my house to be pretty neat until I see those magazine-like photos. One thing I always like about yours is that you keep things real.
    I’m in my 30s as well and finally feel really good about myself. I like that I am a great listener, and I have a natural way to make people feel a little less tense in a serious situation.

  17. This is such a great post and I really love your Instagram! #goals
    I am compassionate.
    There are a lot of things I doubt about myself but this is not one, this one I know and love. Thank you for writing this post and encouraging me to write something positive.

  18. I like that I’m a good planner and get really excited about planning adventures for my family, even if we don’t get to do all of them!

  19. I love my heart & my love for people! I try to share my sparkle with everyone I meet, you are such an inspiration, XO beauty

  20. I see the best in people – I am able to find some joy (no matter how small it is) in every single day. And wrapping presents – I love doing it. (oops that is 3 things). Look for the best, Find the Joy, and Wrap it Up! Love your blog!

  21. I’m kind and caring. A good listener and a patient lover. I want to meet the first love of my life again. I’ve found out where she lives. I’ve sent her a note. The ball is in her court now. Hope she does write back though


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