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the best of 2017…

The Best of 2017... / via Oh Joy!

The Best of 2017... / via Oh Joy!

Alas the time has come to say goodbye to another year. We will be closed at the Oh Joy office through end of year and back here on January 3, 2018. Thank you SO much for all of you who take the time to come visit this site and our social channels regularly. We keep creating content to add a little bit of happiness to your day and hope to continue doing so for a while to come! If you're looking for some inspiration over the holiday break, please see some of my favorite posts of the year below!

The Best of 2017: Fashion / via Oh Joy!


1 -  Debut of Color Adventures series!

2 -  We continued with Dressing The Team series and our very first Dressing The Guys!

3 – 3 Grown Up Ways to Wear Rainbow

4 – Styling My New Haircut

5 – How to Shop for Vintage Clothing Online

6 – Fun Fall Outfit

The Best of 2017: Food / via Oh Joy!


1 - Play with Your Food!

2 – Make a Tropical Fruit Basket 

3 – Cinnamon Party Buns

4 – Grilled Corn Topping

5 – Homemade Funnel Cake

6 – Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

The Best of 2017: Home Decor / via Oh Joy!

For the Home

1 – Creative Storage Solutions

2 – Best Way to Position Your Desk

3 – Styling with Mirrors

4 – Updating Living Room Beyond the Toddler Years

5 – Styling with Large Prints

6 – Three ways to use a Console

7 – 3 ways to Style a Bench!

8 – A Pretty in Pink Living Room

The Best of 2017: Family Life / via Oh Joy!

Family Life

1 – Favorite, Least Favorite, Tomorrow… 

2 – Palm Springs with the Kids

3 – Four Ways to Teach Kids About Giving Back

4 – All the "Let's Discuss!" posts like this… Let's Discuss: Picking A Side of the Bed

5 – Preparing Yourself for Preschool

6 – Things to Do In Los Angeles

7 – Teaching Empathy to Kids

8 – Parents Magazine Cover

The Best of 2017: DIYs / via Oh Joy!

Get Crafty!

1 – Pom Pom Curtains!

2 – DIY Succulent Jewelry Box

3 – Rainbow Photo Backdrop

4 – Balloon Bouquet 

5 – DIY Puppet Kit

6 – DIY Pearl Sweaters

7 – Summer Activity Tote

8 – Holiday Party Tree

The Best of 2017: Oh Joy! Team / via Oh Joy!

In addition to adding TWO new members to the team, here are some other things the team was up to this year!

1 – Office Renovations… Kitchen Before and after!

2 – Craft Room Before & After!

3 – Oh Joy! Room in the Modernism House

4 – Oh Joy Turns 12!

5 – Ways to Give Back / Baby2Baby

6 – Oh Joy from 2005 to 2017…

7 – Team Trip to San Francisco 

8 – Field Trip to Yayoi Kusama

9 - Debut of the new series Day Trips 

10 – Ikea Museum in Sweden

The Best of 2017: Products / via Oh Joy!

We launched a ton of new products, including…

1 – Oh Joy For Target

2 – Band-Aids

3 – Clé Tile

4 - Phone Cases

5 – And, a look back at our 15 collections for Target 

The Best of 2017: Podcasts / via Oh Joy!

Finally, if you love podcasts, I was on a bunch of them this year discussing a slew of different topics!

June – Dais Podcast with Rachel Hollis/ #13: Joy Cho 

July – Young House Love / #58: with Joy Cho 

November – Talking in Circles with Laura Miller / Episode 9: Joy Cho on Art, Entrepreneurship, and Teaching Compassion

December – Of A Kind / Episode 110: Oh Boy, We’ve Got Joy Cho of Oh Joy! from A Few Things with Claire and Erica in Podcasts.

December - Out of Line with Caroline Lee / 13: Joy Cho on shyness and social anxiety

Happy Holidays all! See you back here on January 3, 2018! xo, Joy


  1. Such an amazing year full amazingly creative and positive posts, it has been a ‘joy’ to read this year and can’t wait to see what 2018 holds! Now to catch up on any of these posts that I have missed out on, starting with the DIY Pom Pom Curtain – yes please!
    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  2. After posting the posts on your site and seeing me, I am a fan. Because your site is a little different in comparison with others. So I’m hopeful that this site will move forward. I am happy to comment on this page. Thank you and all your comments are about who.


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