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cool kids’ graphic tees…

6 Cool Kids' Graphic Tees... / via Oh Joy!

6 Cool Kids' Graphic Tees... / via Oh Joy!

I love dressing my kids in adorable little dresses and skirts, but often for school and play time, they just need a cozy tee and shorts or pants to be durable and easy-to-wash. So, as much as I love a graphic tee for myself, I love them even more for my kids. Here are a few of my favorites right now!

01. rainbow tee by Hello Apparel, 02. Girls with Glasses "You Can Sit with Us" tee, 03. Omamimini "Fearless" tee, 04. Whistle and Flute pretzel tee, 05. Whistle and Flute heart tee, 06. TOT tee by Tosan Knows Best,



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