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travel must-haves with kids…

7 Travel Must-Haves with Kids... / via Oh Joy!

7 Travel Must-Haves with Kids... / via Oh Joy!

This weekend, we're headed to Disney's Aulani Resort in Oahu for spring break! I'm so excited to take my kids on vacation as it's been a few years since we have gone away together for more than just a weekend. As I prep for our trip, I wanted to share a few things I'm bringing that are so helpful for us (and fun for kids!) to take when traveling…

1. Wee Society Adventure Journal — Sometimes kids can feel overwhelmed with a completely blank journal, so I love this one which has illustrations, questions, and prompts to fill out about their current or recent adventures! This will come with us on the plane and also help keep my 6-year-old occupied when we're out at dinners waiting food to come out!

2. Oh Joy! for CALPAK packing cubes — I obviously love these because they are one of our products. But these packing cubes really are a life changer! When traveling with kids, I assign a cube (or two) to each child to keep their clothes for the full trip organized and contained. I love that you can also add labels so it's easy to tell what is what before opening them. 

3. Totokan portable monitor — While my kids aren't babies anymore, when we're in a new place, sometimes they'll be a little unsettled the first night or two. So, it's helpful to have a baby monitor in the room they are sleeping in to check in when needed. This one is wireless and portable making it perfect for travel.

4. Love Taza neck pillow with hood — Planes can get cold, so I love these cutie koala neck pillows with hood by our friends over at Love Taza!

5. Love Taza kids activity kit — This little kit is going to be a lifesaver for us on the plane. It's full of so many types of activities and offers a great alternative to airplane screen time.

6. Lil Gadgets wireless headphones — While my kids' ipad time is very limited, they definitely get to have more of it for long plane rides. Wireless headphones for kids are key so that they don't disrupt others, and so the cords don't get all tangled up.

7. State Bags mini backback — A backpack is a must-have for the plane ride, and I love the mini ones from State Bags because the quality is SO good. Plus, for every bag purchased, a backpack full of school supplies is given to a child in need.


  1. I’m getting that darling travel journal ASAP! I have an 8 yr. old little girl who LOVES to document everything! She is faithful to her daily “glitter” diary and loves (as she says),”taking notes” on every outing. We have a trip in the offing, the journal will be perfect.

  2. Love that little gold backpack! I am living on Oahu currently and been searching for a backpack for my 2 year old for an upcoming trip! Thanks for all the tips! Enjoy your stay at Aulani!

  3. Where can I find the iPad case/covers? They look like they are durable. Thanks for your post! All great!! ☺️


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