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Oh Joy! for Tula: Behind the Scenes…

Oh Joy for Tula: Behind The Scenes with Joy Cho and Ula Tuszewicka

Oh Joy for Tula: Behind The Scenes with Joy Cho and Ula Tuszewicka

Happy Tuesday! Last week, we launched our brand new Oh Joy! For Tula collection (thank you for all your love and support!). Today, I wanted to show you some behind the scenes fun from the collaboration and a peek into how it all came together. Take a look at this fun video that the team at Tula put together!

As a mom who LOVED carrying around my babies when they were smaller, I find carriers to be one of the best conveniences for modern, busy moms. Whether it’s when you’re grocery shopping, out at an amusement park, picking or dropping off your older kids at school, I love the feeling of being close to my baby, having her safe with me, and being able to move around as I needed to when I needed to. For these carriers, I wanted to bring the fun and whimsy of Oh Joy! to your everyday adventures with your baby when wearing our Oh Joy! for Tula carriers.

When working with Ula (the founder of Tula), the process was really fun and easy because their customer already loves bold and colorful pieces, so it was just a matter of narrowing down some of our initial ideas into two that we felt were different enough yet still felt characteristically Oh Joy! After finalizing patterns that both teams felt great about, we went into sampling to test colors and fabrics with our patterns. It takes a few back and forths before it's at a place that everyone loves.

Oh Joy for Tula: Behind The Scenes!

Oh Joy for Tula: Behind The Scenes!

Oh Joy for Tula: Behind The Scenes!

When we did the photoshoot for the carriers, I was in baby heaven. Since my own babes are now too big for carriers, I was happy to hold and cuddle with every single baby that came to our photoshoot!

As you can see from this tiny peek into our process, it takes a whole team (and a year of work before launch!) to make something like this come together, from everyone in my Oh Joy team to everyone at Tula. That's one of the reasons I love design collaborations—it can be a challenge to unite two brands to create on common goal of a product. But it's oh-so-fulfilling when it all comes together!

{Video and behind the scenes photos by Hale Production Studios


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