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storage coffee tables…

Before and After: Kid Storage Coffee Tables / Oh Joy!

Before and After: Kid Storage Coffee Tables / Oh Joy!

Storage is one of those things people rarely talk about when it comes to pretty interiors, and I always wonder…where do people put all their stuff?!? Especially when you have kids, storage (especially for toys and books) becomes something that requires maintenance every single day. It's made such a difference for me in my own home to have functional storage for the kids' toys in our living room, since toys always end up there one way or another. The solution? These chic AND practical coffee tables that double as storage bins! Here's how to make these…

Before and After: Kid Storage Coffee Tables / Oh Joy!

We started with this inexpensive Ikea coffee tables that were simple to put together. But we wanted to add a little color and FUN to them so we busted out the spray paint and painted each one a different shade of blue. 

Before and After: Kid Storage Coffee Tables / Oh Joy!

They're great for keeping toys, books, and art supplies organized and out of the way, while still being easily accessible for your kiddos. Having more than one is great because you can assign one for each kid OR assign one to books and one to toys, etc. That way each child each have their own designated spot to put things away in once playtime is over and it makes it easy for kids to have a standard spot to put away their belongings making clean-up easier for everyone.

Before and After: Kid Storage Coffee Tables / Oh Joy!

And if you want to make space to play or entertain, just roll them out of the way! The wheels make it super easy to move them around if needed.

Before and After: Kid Storage Coffee Tables / Oh Joy!

We chose to paint ours color-blocked with the base and top in different colors, but you can have fun with it and paint in any colors to match your decor or favorite colors!

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{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.}


  1. I literally always think that, like where does everyone keep everything! Where’s all the stuff! These are such a cute and easy way to update a room and have storage – I think I might need a trip to Ikea. I have some gold spray paint, so I feel like this could be a fun weekend! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  2. So you have to prime the table with anything? Or do you have to seal it? What spray paint brand/type was used here?

  3. Do you have a technique for painting the bottom metal crate? That send like a pain point when painting it. To get the most out of the paint, a paint brush would seem to be better than spray paint. To get good coverage and coat, spray paint might be better. What did you do?

  4. We taped off the metal crate when painting the top/legs of the table and vice versa. We used spray paint to get the colors we wanted, but it would work just as well if you wanted to paint by hand.

  5. Hi what is the name of the actual table? The link Just takes me to the website not the specific table in question


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