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this is 39!

Joy Cho by Morgan Pansing / This is 39

Joy Cho by Morgan Pansing / This is 39

OMG. I am 39 today! I'm not writing this post just so you'll wish me a Happy Birthday (although I am okay with that, too). But I am writing because I'm sitting here thinking…holy crap, I have one more year to go before 40. My 30's have been the decade that really cemented who I have become as a person and who I want to be in the future. I took my business to the next level, became a mother, and I've become much more confident of myself and less worried about what other people think (my 20's were filled with WAY too much of that!). I've done so much in this past decade, and I have a bunch more things I want to do before I finish it out. While this could become a super long post, I'll keep it short and sweet and just tell you that I really do appreciate those of you who have been following this site for a while. Loyalty is everything to me, and for you to still tune in and care what we have to say and what we're creating over here really does mean so much.

Anyway, without spilling the beans too much…I have some exciting personal projects in the works that I can't wait to share with you. They are really going to be a great way to round out my 30's this upcoming year…and I can't wait to take you along for the ride!

Have a great weekend, all…

{Photo by Morgan Pansing.}


  1. happiest birthday to the cooolest cho, despite what the others might say. you truly are an inspiration on how to juggle it all and a great role model to look up to! xoxo.

  2. Happy birthday! You are one of my two favorite bloggers in internet-land – you are simultaneously aspirational and yet very much real about yourself, your life, and your family. Thanks for your creativity, your humor, and your dance moves in your Instagram outfit posts 😉

  3. Happy Birthday Joy! I’m right behind you turning 39 this year – I can’t believe it. I still don’t feel like an adult most days, even with two children : D

  4. Oh, boy, Joy! I had no idea, so happy birthday! This is my first visit to your site, which I figured it was time to do after reading your book! Thanks to you, I am on my way to starting my own blog (with a pod and a vlog attached… we’ll see, Im just starting to work it out). My very big thanks to you for taking the time to share your knowledge so thoroughly and concisely in your book. If I can offer anything to you, it is to say that you can look forward to your forties!!! The twenties are for drama, the thirties are for working too hard, and the forties are for appreciating your own darn self (!!), and for realizing you deserve to focus on what you REALLY want. And for wearing bikinis — last chance! har har Enjoy, and thanks again.

  5. These cusp birthdays are a little easier when you remember that you are already in your 4th decade. May this one be filled with inspiration and I hope, a house to call your own!

  6. Happy Birthday! I found your blog when I was looking for insight for my baby registry! You had baby Ruby ?. Now my Henry is 6 years old and I have loved your blog ever since that baby registry post! I hope you had a relaxing and yummy food birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, Joy! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You continue to be an inspiration. I’ll be turning 39 in December and also have 2 girls (7 and 4), so your journey is especially fun for me to watch. Wishing you a great year!

  8. Hi— it took me this long to figure out NOT to respond via email, sorry… I have Blog, INC. from Powell Bookstore in Portland, OR. I bought it on the way back to Seattle from a work retreat. I always stop at Powell’s whenever I have an excuse. You must go, if you visit Portland…. real books(!) for miles, and you can bring a pile of them to the attached cafe in order to peruse them BEFORE you buy.
    Im very excited to use a blog to: chronicle my shift from dancer to dance filmmaker, to interview my fellow dancers/artists colleagues in podcasts among other (top secret!!) things. Today’s success: after days of awaking from dreams about blog names… I decided upon one, and I love it, yay!
    And I still go back to your book for further research… you are soooo um, responsible –hopefully, in a great way :)! Again, gracias.


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