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three things to do with instant film!

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

My kids love using instant film cameras. However, the film isn't cheap so I try and save it for special occasions and trips where they can take a bunch all at one place. We recently went to The Flower Fields at Carlsbad and I thought it would be the perfect time to let them get snap happy, and the results were incredible! I've always wanted to turn my kids' photos into art, so we did, and today we're showing you how you can do the same. Here are three cool ways that go beyond sticking instant film on the fridge…

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

Polaroid Gallery Wall / Oh Joy!

1. Create a Gallery Wall —  Now that we have dozens of dreamy flower photos captured by my amazing kids, I love the idea of displaying them on a wall to remind us of our day together. We chose several complimentary photos to blow up and print out to make one beautiful gallery wall! Simply scan or take a photo on your phone of each picture (make sure to avoid any glare), then enlarge them to letter-sized paper, print out, and frame in square (as shown) or horizontal frames. It looks sophisticated and chic, and no one would guess they're photos by a 3 and 6 year old!

Sources shown: Benjamin Moore Mill Springs Blue paint, Joybird Sofa, IKEA Ribba 9×9 frame, Anthropologie Tasseled Nadia Pillow, Anthropologie Shag Puff Pillow, Target Pink Project 62 Pillow, Target Coffee Table, Camera Neck Shoulder Strap, vintage deer figurine.

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

2. Make an Oversized Poster —  Scan your favorite instant film piece, then send it to your local print shop to have it printed as a poster (this one is a 20"x30"). We kept the white border of the film in this time to give it a fun, vintage feel. We kept this one casual and didn't frame it, but you could also frame to make it look more fancy.

Sources shown: Blu Dot desk,, Target Console, Vanessa Bean tall vase, Vanessa Bean short vase, Kin & Kind Tassels, Target Chair, Happy Sun Hook Pillow, Vintage Rug.

3 Things to Do with Instant Film / Oh Joy!

3. Make Custom Greeting Cards — Scan your favorite instant film photos, individually or grouped together, to make a personalized card! We placed the photos side by side horizontally to make a rectangular card or individually for a more vertical card. Then print them out on card stock. After you cut them down to size, pair them with fun and playful envelopes to send to your family and friends!
Sources shown: Paper Source Envelopes, Vintage stamps, HAY gold scissors
P.S. The cameras and film we used we various past versions of a Fuji Instax.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, prop styling assistance by Jess Hong.


  1. Such a great idea! @Joy, what setting do you recommend on the fuji camera to get that light airy look in the photos?

  2. Hi Priscilla,
    To be honest, I didn’t change the settings for the kids! Coco had no idea about settings and just went with it. Ruby knows how to change hers and she did the cloudy one since it was cloudy that day. Also, Ruby’s camera is older so the photos on her came out lighter.

  3. These are such great ideas! I just took a photo on my insta cam and have it on our fridge but I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing ?

  4. Love all these ideas!! I have 5 little ones and I think they’d really groove on this! Thanks!

  5. This is so cute – when I saw the greeting card, I also thought that a zine would be a good idea?
    Right now we are on our summer holiday – and we are SO going to make a combination of greeting cards and zines from our pictures when we come home – my 9 year old is going to love it??

  6. I got an instax as a wedding gift and I have a pile of photos from my honeymoon that are on my need-to-craft list. Thanks for the inspo!

  7. Such great ideas! My kids love our camera too but I’ve not really let them use it much. However seeing these ideas has really inspired me to let them take photos and then make something with them, thank you 🙂


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