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do you like wearing shorts?

How to make shorts sophisticated / Oh Joy!

How to make shorts sophisticated / Oh Joy!

I feel like people either LOVE shorts…or truly don't like wearing them at all. I used to wear shorts ALL THE TIME in high school because I played tennis, and it was part of the culture. Plus, I always liked my legs and never minded showing them off. However, I've noticed in the last couple years, I have been wearing longer skirts and dresses and pants and covering up my legs. Maybe it's cause I am getting older (almost 39!) and felt like I had to cover up for some reason? Well, recently my friend Morgan at BURU asked me to style some pieces from her shop, and I challenged myself to wear shorts in a way that I felt was age-appropriate and chic. So I thought I'd share with you what I learned…

How to make shorts sophisticated / Oh Joy!

How to make shorts sophisticated / Oh Joy!

1. Add a jacket. There's something about layering your outfit with a short or long jacket that takes it out of the casual gym shorts department and into the "I'm a chic power woman" department. Just make sure you wear the jacket open so it doesn't look like you are wearing a jacket with no pants on underneath ;P

How to make shorts sophisticated / Oh Joy!

2. Add a fancy top. Since shorts basically all have the same shape, adding a top with some flourish, texture, shine, or just anything that is not a basic tee, takes it up a notch. This ruffled sleeve tee really makes this look casual but special.

How to make shorts sophisticated / Oh Joy!

3. Heels make everything better. Ok, not everything in the whole world. But they do make your legs look longer, and they make short looks more chic and perfectly appropriate for a date night, girls night, or even for work (depending on where you work).

In conclusion, shorts are GREAT. For those of you who are anti-shorts (you know who you are), I hope you'll try out some of these simple ways to wear shorts outside of the gym. And for those of you who already love shorts, high five! Let's show off those lovely legs, yes?!

{Photos by Lily Glass for BURU. All clothing from BURU. Location: The Goods Mart}


  1. I am incredibly picky about the shorts I wear. They need to be loose—not skin-tight like so many styles—but also hang just right so they are flattering. The best ones I have found are Madewell’s Pull-On Shorts. Incredibly comfortable and flattering!

  2. I liked shorts until I became a young adult, and then they just seemed so kid-esque to me. I think the key is patterned or twill ones – something more adult than the jean version! I tend to stick with navy and olive green versions (and not super short ones!). Love the jacket idea.

  3. Thanks for the post! Do you have links to items you’re wearing in the photos, or all they all vintage? 🙂 I hate wearing shorts outside of the house. I am 4’10”, petite, and have what I call “chunky” legs. I’m ok with my calves, but not my thighs.

  4. Courtney,
    At the bottom it mentions where the clothes are from as well as the link to BURU.
    Rock those shorts, girl!


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