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3 ways to furoshiki with 3 different gifts…

Three Ways to Furoshiki with Three Different Gifts... / Oh Joy!

Three Ways to Furoshiki with Three Different Gifts... / Oh Joy!

When I went to Japan several years ago, I became obsessed with Furoshiki—a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that's super multifunctional. You can wear them as scarves, use them as wall hangings, or even to wrap presents! So often, I want to give a gift that doesn't have a box or comes in an odd shape, and a furoshiki comes to the rescue. So today, we're showing you THREE different types of gifts you can put together to give friends and family with three different ways to wrap them using a furoshiki! Here's how…


1. Craft Kit — This gift is perfect for that friend who is always making something! Add in a fun craft book with lots of inspirational ideas, a few colorful supplies to kick things off, and ta-dah!


Here's how to wrap this craft set…
1. With your book centered on the fabric, pull first corner over the book.
2. Fold opposite corner over the book.
3. Pull the corner back enough so that the triangle hanging off the edge of the book matches the triangle on the other side.
4. Grab each long end of fabric and tie a knot.
5. String your washi tape on one loose end of the knot, and tie another knot to finish.
6. Turn the knot so it's on the underside and the washi tape is on top.

Three Ways to Furoshiki... / Craft Kit via Oh Joy!

Sources shown: FuroshikiCraft the Rainbow book.


2. Ice Cream Party — It doesn't get much better than an ice cream party kit! This present is perfect as a housewarming or hostess gift. We decked out this gift all the necessary supplies for an ice cream party—a pretty scoop, bowls, a tea towel, and of course, sprinkles to go on top! Tuck in a gift card to her favorite ice cream shop OR bring a frozen pint along! 


Here's how to wrap an ice cream kit…
1. Place everything neatly in the middle.
2. Tie two corners of the fabric in a knot and tighten until it's fairly tight around the bowl.
3. Repeat with the other two corners. 
4. Bring up the two ends of each side like bunny ears and tie a double knot near the ends, leaving enough room for a handle.
5. Repeat on the other side so you have two loops to hold like handles!

Three Ways to Furoshiki... / Ice Cream Kit via Oh Joy!

Sources shown: Furoshiki scarf, Anthropologie bowls (past season), Anthropologie tea towel, Amazon ice cream scoop (similar), Sweetapolita sprinkles.


3. Spa Kit — I've never met a spa kit I didn't love! It's a super simple but thoughtful gift for someone who could use a little relaxation. This one combines bath salts and a great skin care product. This is a fun wrap to do when you have two bottles of similar size to gift…


Here's how to wrap a spa kit…
1. Place the two bottles standing upright in the center of your fabric, and then lay them down flat so they are stacked with space between them.
2. Fold up a corner over the bottles and then begin rolling the set of bottles away from you.
3. Grab each end of the fabric and bring them together so that your bottles are now standing up.
4. Finish by tying a double knot with the two ends.


Sources shown: Furoshiki, Anthropologie bath salts, Anthropologie scrub cubes.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance by Jess Hong.

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  1. Super cute! So for something like the craft kit, is the idea to give them the furoshiki as part of the present as well?

  2. I use these as handbags too — I have a whole bunch of seasonal patterns. I use one yard of cotton cloth.


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