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A Chic Hat Gallery Wall

A Hat Gallery Wall / via Oh Joy!

Instead of storing your pretty hats in the closet or shoving them under your bed where you’ll never see them, let’s hang them on the wall to create a hat gallery! You can combine form and function in one super easy installation, AND it’ll remind you to wear your hats! Here’s how…

A Hat Gallery Wall / via Oh Joy!
A Hat Gallery Wall / via Oh Joy!

Using a basic nail and hammer, hang either organically to trail across your wall like we did here or you can grid them out to create even rows of hats.

A Hat Gallery Wall / via Oh Joy!

If you decide to take the organic route, make sure the brim of the hats overlap so the gallery stays connected and cohesive. Mix it up and play with the layout so the colors and textures are balanced (don’t have all of the pink or white hats on one side of the gallery!). 

A Hat Gallery Wall / via Oh Joy!

Now you have a really fun, chic way to show off all your pretty summer hats and it doubles as fun decor for an entry way or living room! 

Sources shown: Benjamin Moore Misty Teal paint, Putchipuu pink banded straw hat (similar), Hat Attack white banded straw hat (similar), San Diego Hat Company hot pink hat (similar), Nomah Project blue hat (similar), Hat Attack camel woven hat (past season), Hat Attack white fringe hat (similar), Target white panama hat (similar), Miniso pom pom hat, Michael’s gold wire basket (similar), Target end table (similar), Simply Grove pink planter (similar), Everlane sandals (similar), Aelfie rug (past season), Urban Outfitters daybed (similar), Target white pillow, Target gold pillow, Arro Home round pillow (past season), Nomah Project round purse (similar), Clare V. silver bag (past season).

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance by Jess Hong.

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